In the fast-paced world of drag racing, the ProCharger name stands out above the rest. Renowned for our cutting-edge supercharger technology, we have once again demonstrated our racers dominance on the track in the 2023 racing season. With our extensive history of victories and outstanding finishes, ProCharged racers have left their mark on various racing series and events. Let’s highlight some of our racers most recent achievements:

NPK – Invitational – Bowling Green 6/24/23

Daddy Dave’s Invitational Win

Demonstrating skill, precision, and the power of ProCharger, Daddy Dave showcased his talent as he conquered the competition and emerged victorious for his very first NPK win. ProCharger: F-4X-136

NPK – Invitational – National Trails Raceway 6/3/23

Kayla Morton Wins at National Trails

Consistency and determination are key when drag racing or any racing of that matter, and Kayla Morton displayed these qualities with her remarkable win at National Trails Raceway. Proving both the power and performance that ProCharged vehicles have over its competitors. ProCharger: F-4X-136

NPK – Great 8 – Bowling Green 6/23/23

Axman and Axlady’s Triumph in the Great 8

A round of applause goes to Axman and Axlady for their triumphant victory in the Great 8. Their skill, teamwork, and the power of ProCharger propelled them to success, earning them a well-deserved place in the winner’s circle. ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

NPK – Great 8 – VMP 6/9/23

Ryan Martin Victory at Great 8 VMP

Next, we applaud Ryan Martin for his exceptional win at VMP Great 8. With incredible speed and finesse, Ryan proved to be a formidable contender, pushing the limits and putting ProCharger’s technology to the test. ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

NPK – Futures – Bowling Green 6/24/23

Paige Coughlin’s Win in NPK Futures

Let’s applaud Paige Coughlin for her fantastic win in the NPK Futures event. With nerves of steel and the force of ProCharger behind her, Paige left her competitors in the dust, crossing the finish line with sheer determination. ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

NPK – Outlaw Big Tire – VMP 6/10/23

Larry Larson’s ProCharged Powered Win

Another commendation goes to Larry Larson for his first ProCharger-powered win at VMP. His unwavering commitment and skillful driving, combined with the exceptional performance of ProCharger, earned him a well-deserved win at the Outlaw Big Tire class. ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

Street Car Shootout – Real Street – Jeffers Motorsports Park 6/24/23

Eric Fox’s Street Car Shootout Victory

We raise our hats to Eric Fox for his outstanding victory in the Street Car Shootout at Jeffers Motorsports Park. With lightning-fast reflexes and the sheer power of ProCharger, Eric dominated the competition. ProCharger: F-3R-121

Carolina N/T Blood Wars – N/T 275 – Piedmont Dragway 6/24/23

Billy Gordon’s Triumphant Win

Let’s celebrate Billy Gordon’s remarkable triumph in the X275 category at Carolina N/T Blood Wars. Some hard battles and tight racing didn’t deter the experienced driver, as he boosted his way to the top of the podium. ProCharger: F-4X-140

NHRA – Pro Mod – Bristol 6/12/23

Kris Thorne Outstanding Win in NHRA Pro Mod

Last but certainly not least, a hearty congratulations goes to Kris Thorne for his impressive win in the NHRA Pro Mod Series. With skill, determination, and the technological prowess of ProCharger, Kris showcased his talent and proved himself to be a fierce competitor. ProCharger: F-4X-140


The 2023 racing season has been a spectacular display of dominance for ProCharger racers. With victories, runner-up finishes, and exceptional performances across multiple racing series and events. ProCharger continues to showcase these achievements as a testament to the unwavering commitment, skill, and the remarkable performance of our supercharger technology. Lets see what the rest of 2023 has in store for ProCharger and our racers.

Below is the complete list of all June winners:

Kayla Morton

NPK – National Trails Raceway 6/3/23

Invitational F4X-136

Mike Chandler

NPK – National Trails Raceway 6/3/23

Futures F4X-140

Rachel Jewell

Empire Outlaws – Empire Dragway 6/3/23

Outlaw 10.5 F3R-136

Eric Bardekoff

Street Car Shootout – Cecil County 6/3/23

Ultra Street F-1A-94

Justin Reed

War in the Woods – Brown County Dragway 6/3/23

Small Tire Second Chance F3R-112

Al Peavler

NHRA Divisional – Norwalk 6/4/23

Top Dragster F3R-112RD

Ben Knight

XDA – VMP 6/3/23

Top Sportsman C-1R-72

Billy Brown

Battle of the Sharks – Custom T’s Motorsports Park 6/3/23

28 / 275 Shootout F-1X

Richie Allen

King of the Creek – MIR 6/4/23

Top ET F1R

Anthony Mangiracina

Nuclear No Prep – Byron Dragway 6/3/23

Small Tire F3R-136

Justin Bond

NHRA – New England Dragway 6/10/23

Pro Mod F4X-140

Kris Thorne

NHRA – Bristol 6/12/23

Pro Mod F4X-140

Ryan Martin

NPK – VMP 6/9/23

Great 8 F4X-140-1

Larry Larson

NPK – VMP 6/10/23

Outlaw Big Tire F4X-140-1

Samantha Moore

NMRA – Norwalk 6/11/23

Limited Street P1X

Mark Vinson

Empire Outlaws Series Empire Dragway, NY 6/10/23

Limited Outlaw F3R-121

Ryan Martin

NPK – Brainerd 6/17/23

Outlaw Big Tire F4X-136

Ken Quartuccio

PDRA – MIR 6/17/23

Pro Boost F4X-140-1

Jeff Heintz

704 Outlaws – Mooresville Dragway 6/17/23

Modern Muscle F-1A-94

Colin Sims

Northeast N/T – Atco 6/17/23

28/275 F1A-94

Dave Comstock

NPK – Bowling Green 6/24/23

Invitational F4X-136

Larry Roach

NPK – Bowling Green 6/23/23

Great 8 F4X-140-1

Paige Coughlin

NPK – Bowling Green 6/24/23

Futures F4X-140-1

Eric Fox

Street Car Shootout – Jeffers Motorsports Park 6/24/23

Real Street F3R-121

Billy Gordon

Caroline N/T Blood Wars – Piedmont Dragway 6/24/23

N/T 275 F4X-140

Tony Phillips

Memorial Shootout – Ozark Raceway 6/24/23

Outlaw 10.5 F3R-136

Justin Reed

Gangsters Paradise – Brown County Dragway 6/30/23

Small Tire F3R-121 (split)

Justin Reed

Blocks No Prep – English Mountain Dragway 7/1/23

Small Tire F3R-121


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