The countdown clock is on!

The ProCharger V-Twin Team is busy getting ready for our annual trip to the land of Famous Faces. The 77th Sturgis Rally is right around the corner and this year we mark the public debut of our all new Intercooled Supercharger kit for the Harley Milwaukee 8 engine. Stop by, take a look, and have your chance to influence future designs!

What's better than 6.4 liters of supercharged HEMI? Well, how about one that has room for the family and all wheel drive! ProCharged Jeep owners are enjoying 0-60 mph times that rival some of the best supercars out there!

With fifteen major event wins since our last Racing Blog post in March, it’s shaping up to be another record-breaking season of Championships!

Hot Rod Power Tour 2017 kicked off this year right in ProCharger's own backyard, Kansas City. As the week went on, highways of the Midwest and small towns were loaded with an almost unimaginable amount of steel-twisting horsepower and, of course, BOOST!

Record-setting LT-4 ProCharger performance now for ZL1's!Thanks to a dedicated staff of ProCharger engineers, we are pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for the brand new ZL1 ProCharger system!

We are seeking talented and motiviated individuals who are looking for a new challenge and want to join a company that is constantly growing, with a staff that is just as passionate about the aftermarket high performance industry as you are!

ProCharger P-1SC-1 and D-1SC self-contained supercharger head units have been the cornerstone for building an army of high HP cars/trucks for well over a decade! But rest assured just as these modern OEM engines are pushing the levels of what's possible both in raw horsepower and efficiency, we here at ProCharger are as well.

2017 HEMI owners rejoice, your BOOST has arrived! Yes, the undisputed leader in bolt-on HEMI power has added even more 2017's to the list. From street to track, owners of 5.7L and 6.4L HEMI's searching for the "best bang for the buck" and most power per psi of boost, look no further.

These new direction injection "LT" engines have pushed the levels of what is possible on and off the track. And were here at ProCharger are humbly honored to be the power adder of choice for some amazing records on this new "LT" engine platform from GM. A quick breakdown goes as follows...

That's right, the same supercharger that powers the World's Fastest 6th generation Camaro SS can be YOURS today! ProCharger is pleased to announce we are now shipping full systems (including ECM tuning) for 2017 and 2016 model years!