Ryan Martin takes home the 2021 NPK Championship! It comes as no shocker to anyone that follows the NPK series that Ryan Martin and his crew were set on winning this year's Championship from the start.

The wait is finally over, and it's SO worth it! ProCharger superchargers is happy to announce the world's first supercharger system for the C8 Corvettes is NOW SHIPPING!

Congratulations are the first thing we need to say, to Jose and the entire Q80 Racing team. 

It’s a simple fact of physics: cooler air makes more power. On street-driven vehicles, air-to-air intercooling is a natural fit because it locates the intercooler at the front of the vehicle where it is exposed to a constant supply of cooling airflow. 

Imagine having 50% more power to tow, 50% more power when you push the pedal to pass, or maybe just 50% more power to play when you are off-road.

ProCharger engineers gave you nearly 750 crank hp from the Mustang GT's, Bullitts, and even 875 hp from the Shelby GT350 supercharger systems. So naturally, it wasn't going to be long before ProCharger would have a bolt-on supercharger system ready to put a smile on Mach 1 owners faces.

Honestly, we don't even know where to start with our excitement. From the top 3 of the 5 five points leaders* in the No Prep Kings series having the nearly full sweep of class wins at multiple events. It has been amazing to watch the success of these amazing teams, drivers, and cars.

Since last year, the cost of many materials, especially those associated with steel or aluminum has, and continues, to increase significantly. While we have been absorbing these increases, it is no longer possible for us to continue to bear the entire financial burden brought on by these extremely unusual market conditions. 

We are about to start singing the winter blues here pretty soon. Thankfully the fall / winter is the best time to get started on projects in the garage, like bolting on a ProCharger supercharger kit, and now...drag race on your phone with No Limit Drag Racing 2.0!

We are proud to have once again sponsored the ProMod class for the US Nationals in Indy for 2021. This class has been so fun to be part of for the last 2 years, we wanted to share that excitement with the fans, by bringing some of the ProCharger machines and putting them on display.