PROCHARGING 1320s Z06 Corvette in TWO DAYS

First, let’s get to the details on why all of us were excited about this project Corvette. Well, it’s simple, all of us here at ProCharger are massive enthusiasts, much like all that work at 1320Video stuffing our youtube feeds full of amazing automotive content for the past two decades. And naturally, when they stated that they had found a nearly flawless C5 Corvette Z06, we knew we had the perfect solution to quickly and easily “boost” the performance. (get it… boost the performance… ya pun intended)

Best part about this project is that since 1320 is based out of Nebraska (and we are in Kansas City), it was a chance to do a very rare “factory” install of this system, and also a chance for 1320 and its viewers to get a behind the scenes look at how ProCharger superchargers are built and another local KC company (Weld Wheels). So Win-Win for everyone! We here at ProCharger love love love Corvettes, and it shows since we have supercharger systems for almost every Corvette made. Better yet, we never stop improving the systems over the years and this C5 Stage 2 system is a prime example of that.  Read more about the C5 Supercharger Kit we installed HERE.