Introducing: LS Engine Accessory Drive Kit

That’s right! Calling all LS engine owners who love supercharging. You asked, we answered. We are proud to announce the launch of our newest product, a serpentine accessory drive kit for LS engines.

LS Serpentine Accessory Drive Kit
LS Serpentine Accessory Drive Kit

Add Accessory Kit Now, ProCharger Later

Designed specifically with supercharging in mind, the flexibility of our new Accessory Drive Kit will save you time and money. We understand project vehicles often mean you need to do modifications in steps. Install our drive now, which looks and functions amazing, and easily add the ProCharger later, with no major disassembly required. 

Available in Multiple Configurations

We know that not all projects run full accessories, so we developed this kit to be compatible with any configuration you may have. No A/C?…No problem! No power steering?…No Problem! Not only that, these kits are compatible with ProChargers ranging from the P-1SC-1 to the F-1X head unit. 

LS Serpentine Accessory Drive Kit Animation

Compact Design

Our engineers created a sleek design that functions as good as it looks, while maintaining a tight fit for snug engine bays. The design features a 6-rib accessory belt drive that sits forward to allow an 8 or 10-rib supercharger drive belt to be placed behind it (now or later). Heavy-duty, spring-loaded tensioners are used on both belt drives for virtually maintenance-free operation, even after years of high load, high rpm use. To assist in different engine configurations, the supercharger outlet can face either direction. 

Learn More

Get the dimensions to check for fitment. Find out all the details on the accessories and options available.

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