Welcome to the "X" generation... (P1X and D1X)

Setting the bar...

It goes without saying that rock-solid / dependable power is what the "P" and "D" series ProCharger superchargers are known for since their creation almost 2 decades ago.  These amazing record-setting street superchargers set the standard with their billet gear cases, billet impellers and self-contained gearboxes.  Taking those solid roots and further pushing the bar is where the "X" comes in...

Raising Performance and Technology to the "X" level...

Just as new factory engines are producing epic levels of horsepower by utilizing highly advanced designs and manufacturing technology, we here at ProCharger have done the same.  Our engineers crunched the data on the computer and in the lab to push the limits of what these modern CNC machines could carve out of billet...all in the name of BOOST! 

Taking all of that data, our engineers created the P-1X and D-1X head units and unveiled them last year for this 2017 season.  To say we are "excited" about the results our customers have had would be an understatement.  Customers have been enjoying faster track times, bigger dyno numbers, and more power per psi than ever before!  But don't take our word for it, check out this customer's results below... 

Results that speak volumes...

We could pick from a load of different customers that have been enjoying these new compact powerhouse superchargers as we did in a previous BLOG.  Though to keep this blog short we will pick just two case studies of customers in the field.  One using a P-1X on a brand new Mustang GT, and the other using a D-1X on some old school iron.

MAK Performance - 846 rwhp P-1X supercharged 2018 Mustang:

Yes, that number is correct,...well over 900 crankshaft HP from a 100% stock 2018 Mustang Coyote engine!  The high compression ratio and high flowing cylinder heads of these new Coyote engines are a perfect match for the high efficiency of a P-1X head unit.  Not only does this car make a huge power number on the dyno, it is also the current record holding 2018 Mustang (both quickest and fastest)!  

For more details on this amazing record holding machine click HERE (or the image below) 

Derek Putman - 925 rwhp D-1X BBC Nova, 8.64@156 at 3,800lbs

One of the standout "A-B" tests came from Derek Putman and his heavyweight hauler.  His 3,800lb street driven Nova had already consistently dived deep into the 9's packing power from a D-1SC ProCharger on its BBC blow-through combo for years.   Looking for a little bit more from his combo he swapped from the D-1SC to the new D-1X. Derek knew the gains and power from this D-1X would be solid, but how about these numbers...?

- 161 rwhp gain
- .64 reduction in E/T
- 13 mph gain in the 1/4 mile

The D-1X swap on "Project Boulevard Brawler" turned her into an 8-second street car at a 3,800lb race weight!  Taking her down the 1/4 mile to a time of 8.64@156 mph!  That mph shows that the dyno number of 925 rwhp was no lie at all, and maybe a touch conservative if anything.  Please enjoy the rest of the write up by clicking HERE.

Field upgrades now available...

Obviously, if you already have a ProCharger "P" or "D" and are looking for exciting results like the one posted above, we have good news! Existing head units can easily be converted to the "X" design.  With upgrades starting at $1699 the bang for the buck is as good as the power gains.  Naturally many new system orders can be optioned to include both the P-1X and D-1X head units. 

For those that enjoy some visual side by side shots, here you go.  D-1SC (left) D-1X (right)
Starting with the impeller you will notice that the "X" impeller is a bit taller and a more swept blade design. 

Internally the volute pocket has also been changed, as well as a single rib on the discharge outlet. 

Externally the volute is drastically different, however still features a compact 9.0" diameter footprint. 

P-1X/D-1X Bullet points: (Full Specs HERE)

  • More power per psi, more maximum HP, and cooler charge air temperatures
  • P-1X™ is 875+ HP capable and is a direct bolt-in upgrade for the P-1SC-1
  • D-1X™ is 1000+ HP capable and is a direct bolt-in upgrade for the D-1SC
  • Designed for today’s high flowing modern V8 engines producing 400+ naturally aspirated HP
  • Available now as optional upgrade with ProCharger Systems and Tuner Kits
  • Highly durable, High HP designs with a compact new state-of-the-art 9.0" housing/volute
  • Higher efficiency produces cooler charger air temperatures and reduces parasitic engine load
  • Uses same proven gearcase as P-1SC-1 and D-1SC–also available with standard or reduced noise level
  • P-1X/D-1X volutes are slightly larger than P-1SC-1/D-1SC volutes

Ready to dive deep into boost or upgrade? 

Our offices can be reached M-F 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (CST).  Our sales and tech staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have about adding a ProCharger to your ride or upgrading your existing unit!  Thanks for reading. 

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