NOW SHIPPING: P-1X and D-1X Head Units = Results!

The best just got better! 

ProCharger P-1SC-1 and D-1SC self-contained supercharger head units have been the cornerstone for building an army of high HP cars/trucks for well over a decade! But rest assured just as these modern OEM engines are pushing the levels of what's possible both in raw horsepower and efficiency, we here at ProCharger are as well.  Which brings us to the launch of the new P-1X and D-1X head units. 

These new designs are built on the same proven technology that propels the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC models to 4-digit power numbers and slightly beyond, and feature the same step-up ratio. The compressor side of the supercharger (the volute and impeller) was redesigned with greater efficiency and less parasitic engine load in mind. This means less heat and less power needed to turn spin the impeller–and that adds up to more horsepower.

Both the P-1X and D-1X superchargers fit into the same brackets as P-1SC-1 systems and will be an optional upgrade for those who want increased performance on otherwise stock, modern V8 engines–to the tune of 10-25+ more flywheel horsepower (dependent on boost level and type of engine) with stock motors running the same pulley size, and even larger gains for modified motors! Field upgrades to the D-1X model will be available in late August.

What does this mean for you? 

Just two decades ago it wasn't uncommon for a modern V-8 engine to only produce 200-300hp, and far less when measured at the wheels on a chassis dyno.  Though, just as these modern engines have evolved, our supercharger head units have as well.  This ensures we can best match the HP levels and flow patterns of these new power plants.  With engines now making base HP in the range of 400-500+ HP in their naturally aspirated form, we wanted to provide customers with new head units sized specifically for these higher flowing motors, and with even greater efficiency than the industry-standard P-1SC-1 and D-1SC models.  While it literally took years of R&D to improve upon those industry leading designs, these new P-1X and D-1X models ensure our customers will have the most power per psi of boost, coolest air charge temps, and largest power gains possible NOW, and into the future. 

P-1X = 875 hp rating (Full Specs HERE)
D-1X = 1000 hp rating (Full Specs HERE)

What kinda results are people getting?

As a general rule the design concepts were for customers to make a 10-25hp gain at the same boost level (compaired to P-1SC-1 at low boost levels), however max effort gains of 50-75+ horsepower depending on head unit.  We can say without a DOUBT the results have been fantastic, however, don't take our word for are some customers listed below and their results.

MAK Performance - S550 Mustang HO System P-1X (42 rwhp Gain)

The guys at MAK Performance recently swapped from a P-1SC-1 to a P-1X on their shop Mustang S550.  This car features our standard HO system (shared drive, HO intercooler) and runs custom tuning via MAK.  The guys at MAK were blown away (pun intended) with 42 rwhp and 16 ft lbs gained at the SAME boost level!  For more details on this amazing transformation please check out the write up on by clicking HERE

Walsh Motorsports - HEMI Charger 5.7L D-1X (116 rwhp Gain)

Who doesn't want a daily driver 918 rwhp family hauler?  Let's be honest, this Charger could get voted onto the list of "Ultimate Sleeper Sedans" with ease, even with the underhood looking nearly stock.  Without a doubt this HEMI was a force to be reckonded with packing 802 rwhp from its D-1SC ProCharger combo; however, after making the swap to the D-1X head unit and picking up 116 rwhp it's a whole new animal!  This power gain from the same pulley combo and netted an extra 2psi of boost and 116 HP to the rear wheels.  We bet Donnie and the gang at Walsh Motorsports are MORE than pleased with these results (not to mention the owner of the car). 

Futral Motorsports - LS3 Corvette D-1X (52 rwhp Gain)

935 rwhp HP from a "Cam Only" LS3?!?!?  Yes, with the stock bottom end LS3, the crew at Futral Motorsports helped push the Vette known on the internet as "Detoxx" well into the 1,000+ crankshaft HP range!  This car is no "one hit wonder" either, being as though it was making over 880 rwhp with is D-1SC for many years now tearing up events across the US.   For even more details on this car, you can follow it on its very own Facebook page by clicking HERE, or by checking out its many YouTube videos HERE.  

Derek Putnam Big Block Chevy Nova D-1X (Top Secret Gain)

OK, so there is ONE car that we really can't spill the beans on yet, which is this Nova owned by Derek Putnam.  The reason why we can't tell you exactly how amazing this car did at the track with its blow through (non-intercooled) BBC / D-1X because it's about to be featured in "Fastest Street Car Magazine" for a full tech feature.  However, if this simplistic (yet wicked fast) combo interests you, we urge you to keep your eyes peeled for the digital copy clicking HERE

Tyler Van Lant  - LS Swapped Cobra P-1X (.4 th's and 7 mph Gain)

Tyler is not one for "dyno" numbers; however, the numbers he cares about appear on the scoreboards at the track.  With his "cam only" 6.0L LS engine swapped into his 2001 Cobra Mustang, Tyler ran consistent 9.8's@140 mph with his P-1SC-1 combo on 12.8psi of boost.  This cars combo was very simple and deadly consistent at the track as well as no prep events.   After swapping to the P-1X (same pulley combo) Tyler was excited to see 18.0psi of boost and his E/T's at the track drop to 9.40@147 mph!  This car also features a simplistic ProCharger air-to-air intercooler, and he was happy to report a 15 degree IAT reduction even with the elevated boost level.  So even without a "dyno" back to back to compare, gaining .4 tenths in the 1/4 and 7 mph in the trap is nothing short of amazing!



Where can you get one? 

These amazing supercharger headunits are NOW SHIPPING availiable as an option for many of our modern street car/truck applications on new system purchases.  Both of these headunits are also available in our (2) gear set options (helical noise reduction, and standard strait cut) as well as all (3) finish options as well (textured black, polished, satin).  

Additional details on these headunits are available HERE, as well as on a tab at each of the vehicle application pages for which these models are currently offered.

You can also contact your local dealer, call us M-F 8:30 am - 5:30 pm CST at 913-338-2886, or email us at If you need to locate a dealer in your area please click HERE.  

NOTE: Due to record sales and growth, as well as this being a very busy time of year in general, field upgrades will not be available until mid summer.  We want to ensure we are able to provide quick turnaround times before we start taking orders for field upgrades.  Stay tuned for that future availability date.  As always, thanks for reading, and we hope to see you next blog!