ProCharger Coyote Crankshaft Support Assembly: Now Shipping!


Is the crank support absolutely mandatory? No really, but consider it cheap insurance with the Coyote engine, just like billet oil pump gears.  More boost and rpm mean more load on the crank snout—in high boost/high-horsepower applications in a racing situation, the fragility of the stock crank comes into question and the snout has been known to break. And it's not just supercharged cars either—even turbocharged applications have experienced crank failure under high-stress situations. Thankfully for those running a ProCharger, we have a cost effective piece that will help support the crankshaft at elevated HP levels.

For the 2015-and later Mustang, ProCharger’s base kit uses a P-1SC-1 supercharger head unit and an air-to-air intercooler set at 8 psi of boost that adds 300+ horsepower to the Coyote. That’s a ton of extra power, but for the power-hungry fans that want even more power than that, there is a Stage II kit with a dedicated drive system, bigger intercooler, and a vast range of supercharger head units from the P-1SC-1 to F-1R and that level of power can highlight the weak point with the Coyote’s crankshaft. 

Installation is a piece of cake!

It does require you run an Innovator’s West or ATI damper and it also requires an 8- or 10-rib Stage 2 drive system. The crank support clears all stock accessories but it doesn’t clear the stock swaybar—if you’re running skinny front drag tires, you don’t need the sway bar anyway. The brackets and Bolt locators are all doweled, so once installed the ProCharger crank snout upgrade solidly holds your crankshaft in place and eliminates the movement that can cause breakage. 

Priced with piece of mind: 

Part #: 2FWSU-003 - Satin finish for $695
(additional $195 for black or $250 for polish)

The crankshaft mandrel is what supports the crank snout. Made of 4340 steel, it is designed to fit the Innovator’s West (available from ProCharger) or ATI damper.

This idler comes with the crank support assembly and is sandwiched between the support bracket and engine block. The stock idler (not installed in this photo) stays in place and piggy-backs with the new idler, as you can see in a later photo.


With a cease in production of most of the Mustang-oriented magazines, there's a new Sheriff in town and his name is Mustang Hub, with former Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords editor Henry De Los Santos at the helm. Always a supporter of ProCharger, Henry jumped on the story on our crank support new product. Read all about it in issue #1 of Mustang Hub, available by subcription only at


Ford's Coyote is all but bulletproof, but when you really up the boost and start banging if off of a rev limter at the dragstrip, you might want to seriously consider ProCharger's Coyote Crank Support field Upgrade. It's cheap insurance against possible breakage. Give our sales staff a call or email us at the following contact methods below for more information. 

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