Supercharge your LS swap with ProCharger! (So many options)

ProCharger makes supercharging your LS swap easy! 

We know LS swaps are as common as bolting on a set of headers these days, and the "one size fits all" approach wouldn't work for supercharging. Now it doesn't matter if you are looking to add some boost to your FoxBody Mustang, Squarebody truck, Crate Motor powered Hot Rod, or virtually anything on the planet with wheels... ProCharger has a way to supercharge it, and this blog will show you how! 

We will cover the following mounting options: 

- Conventional drivers side mount (8, 10 rib and Cog)
- Reverse passenger side mount (6, 8 and 10 rib)
- Drivers side truck style mount (6 and 8 rib)
- CrankDrive for ultra-high HP applications

Conventional Drivers Side Mount - Ideal for crate motors!

ProCharger engineers designed this supercharger system with the LS crate motor swap in mind. This system can be ordered with virtually any combination of streetcar accessory, or without any at all for racing applications.    

The bracket location was designed with many muscle car and muscle truck engine bays in mind and have seen them in everything from Chevelles to 3/4 Ton Trucks!   Plus, for those looking for big horsepower and hardcore looks, we even have a "cog / gilmler" belt option.  

Versions available: 
- 8 Rib*
- 10 Rib* (Coming Soon)
- Cog*

*= Requires specific accessories and balancer, contact us for details

For larger dimensions please click the image.

Example: First Generation Camaro built by The Custom Shop

Reverse Pass. Side Mount -  From Drifting to ProTouring!

One of the most popular versions of the LS family to swap these days is the C5/C6 Corvette style. Cars with low hood lines love the low intake manifold and low mounted accessories. This positioning makes it perfect for a reverse mounted (forward-facing) ProCharger system to be used. We have seen this system being used in everything from the punishing ranks of professional drifting, to SEMA builds.  

We even have (4) different drive systems for this kit, which covers a wide range of horsepower, from 650hp to a mind-bending 1,200hp! Those drive system options are as follows.

Versions avaliable: 
- 6 rib (shared drive)*
- 6 rib (dedicated drive)*
- 8 rib (dedicated drive)
- 10 rib (dedicated drive) 

* = can be used with factory balancer

For larger dimensions please click the image.

Dedicated Drive: Belt routing diagram (availble in 6,8 and 10 rib)

Example: Jason Scudellari F100 with ProCharged LS Swap.  (Click HERE for Video

Drivers Side Truck Style - For use with truck Accessories! 

One of the most plentiful of the LS family of engines to find is that of the 1999-2013 truck engines (4.8/5.3/6.0/6.2). These engines have found their way into virtually almost anything with wheels from every brand on the planet. So for those that want to keep all your truck accessories and add ProCharger boost, here is your ticket.  

We have two versions of the system depending on the power level you are after. Most stock engines or stock engines with camshaft changes opt for the shared 6 rib drive system. It saves a little on forward space and runs off the factory 6 rib belt and tensioner.  For those with built engines ready for some serious HP, we have the robust 8 rib dedicated version for even more HP support.   

Versions available: 
- 6 Rib Shared Truck Accessories (Stock or ATI Balancer)*
- 8 Rib Dedicated Truck Accessories (Stock or ATI Balancer)*

*= Requires use of electric fan

For larger dimensions please click the image.

Example: LS Truck engine into Jeep Wrangler engine bay (ultra small) with ProCharger

CrankDrive for ProCharged LS Engines - Ultra High HP!

Just like the baddest supercharged Pro Mods on the planet run ProCharger the LS swap racers can as well!  Designed to take the abuse of the 3,500+ HP, yet still have the ability to run alternator, fuel pump, and oil pump if needed.  

Compatible with race superchargers from F-1 to F-3X you will have plenty of room to grow with your supercharged LSX.  Speaking of growing, the CrankDrive allows for ultra-fast changes in boost level, thanks to quick change gear sets.  For more information on the ProCharger LSX CrankDrive click HERE

For larger dimensions please click the image.

Questions on how to Supercharge your LS? Call us today!

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