The award winning CrankDriveTM gear drive is capable of 3,000+ horsepower, and allows for a variety of accessories, easy change of gear ratios, maximum efficiency and extreme power levels. Compatible with race superchargers from F-1 to F-3X, the CrankDrive is available for most drag racing engine applications. 

Key Features

  •   The ProCharger CrankDriveTM positions the supercharger higher than other gear drives to allow for better steering component and frame clearance 

  •   Lightweight design 

  •   Easy to assemble, disassemble, and swap gear ratios 

  •   Complete assembly for specific engines, no sourcing additional components 

  •   Optional alternator drive 

  •   Optional fuel pump drive 

  •   Allows engine to rotate both directions for servicing 

Pricing and Options

Click here to open our App Guide for all of the pricing details including options.

ProLine Pro Mod car equipped with ProCharger CrankDrive and F-3X-140 supercharger


RaceDrive vs. CrankDrive, which one should I choose?

RaceDrive (Integrated gear drive and supercharger combo) is ideal for someone space constrained in front of the crankshaft and is running a bracket style class such as Top Dragster or Top Sportsman, where absolute power is not essential to winning. Click here to learn more about RaceDrive.

CrankDrive gear drive is pretty much recommended for everything else because CrankDrive gear drive supports a wide range of ProCharger superchargers and various race engines.

Recommendation: First, start with the class you are competing (see chart below), pick your supercharger, and then choose gear drive or cog belt drive based on that supercharger type.  It's pretty simple or give us a call to help you figure it out.

Race Winning Supercharger Recommendations

Questions about CrankDrive?

Give our sales staff a call or an email at the following contact methods below. We will be happy to assist you with any technical questions you may have about CrankDrive applications for your race car.

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