Check out the new ProCharger 2010 Racing Updates

With the 2010 racing season getting up to full speed, racers from around the US and Canada are taking to the track with their ProCharger-equipped race and street cars. After a 2009 season that concluded with 12 International Championships earned by ProCharger racers, many are out to defend their respective, hard-earned titles in 2010, while other racers are making upgrades and taking their ProCharger-powered cars racing in some new events and sanctioning bodies.

5x NMRA SSO Champion, John Urist

In addition to the traditional NMCA and NMRA events, ProCharger racers will be competing in a wide range of sanctioning bodies, including ADRL, PSCA, CSCN, WCHRA, ORSCA, Maxton Mile, Bonneville and the new, NHRA Unleashed events. Good luck to all the ProCharger-powered racers and their teams in 2010.

NHRA Unleashed

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