2013-08 Corvette C6 (LS3)

620+ Bolt-On HP for LS3 Corvette

The ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System for LS3 Corvettes offers OEM appearance, fit and finish, and delivers industry leading performance and durability. This new LS3 offering produces a 45+% hp gain with just 6 psi of intercooled boost. ProCharger dealers can safely custom tune for higher power gains on stock engines.

While all ProCharger Corvette supercharger systems are available as 100 percent stock vehicles, we recognize the fact that some Corvette owners are looking to add the awesome power and reliability of a ProCharger to their modified or “built” engine combinations. ProCharger’s Tuner Kit is the solution, offering higher boost and power levels are available for modified motors.

Grand Sport (2010-11 supercharger systems and tuner kits available)
Standard C6 (2008-09 supercharger systems, 2008-11 tuner kits available)

ProCharger 2008-12 Corvette C6 supercharger offering: