PROCHARGED LEGENDS: Steve Darnell’s Boosted 1957 Chevy!


Join ProCharger Superchargers for an in-depth dive into the automotive journey of WelderUp creator and automotive legend, Steve Darnell, and the origins of his iconic ’57 Chevy project rocking ProCharger boost! In this exclusive interview, Steve shares how his passion for cars began, as well as his overall goals for the build, his decision to choose ProCharger, installation process, and so much more.

Steve Darnell's 1957 ProCharged Chevy


When asked about the origins of his 1957 ProCharged Chevy build, Steve shared, “I went to high school in Billings, Montana, where this car used to drive around town. I remember seeing it back then. After high school, I moved to Vegas and stayed there for 15 years before eventually returning to Montana. One day, I was driving by my buddy John Salter’s car lot and saw the ’57 Chevy sitting there. I called him up, we talked about the car, and I ended up buying it and taking it home.”

Starting with a stock Chevy 283 V8 engine, powerpack heads, and a Powerglide transmission, the platform was as basic as it gets. However, this simplicity wouldn’t last long, as Steve’s need for speed and performance demanded significant upgrades.


Fast forward and this beast of a build received some ProCharger treatment! Powered by a nasty LS3 engine with a proper cam, forged pistons, and supporting mods to support all that ProCharger boost. Steve connected with our very own, Sergio Shifman, to figure out the perfect boost combo for that LS.

Mentioning, “then lo and behold, I am at PRI, and I was walking around and ran into Sergio! And so we get talking and I’m like, man I’d really like to try one of these out, you know? And he goes, well let me see what we can do and let’s put something together. So me and Sergio really hit it off. I was there an hour talking with him about it, what a great guy and really knows all the information.”

Ultimately he deciding on our latest LS Serpentine Accessory Drive Kit paired with our ProCharger Superchargers F-1A-91. Our new Accessory Drive Kit is known for delivering the sleek design ProCharger is known for, along with a distinct supercharger bracket design. Engineered specifically for Chevy LS engines, this kit offers both style and functionality, or in this case was the perfect option for Steve’s build.

LS Serpentine Accessory Drive Kit

The Procharger F-1 Series provides racers with significant advantages. Featuring our patented high-speed compound bearing design, our superchargers operate at speeds unmatched by other power adders. Lubricated with ProCharger’s synthetic oil blend, our ultra-rigid precision-ground 9310 steel shafts and gears, mounted on super-precision high-speed bearings, efficiently transfer power from the engine to a CNC-machined 7075 aluminum billet impeller. This impeller spins at an overdrive ratio of 5.40:1, delivering exceptional performance and offering wicked power in a compact package.

“On the power side of it, I’ve seen some ProCharged cars that are just insane!” – Steve Darnell
ProCharger blow off valve and intake manifold peeking out of hood vents

When asked about the key ProCharger features that sparked his interest in ProCharging this build, Steve explained, “When you hear a (ProCharged) car pull up, you know it’s equipped with a ProCharger! It has a distinctive sound, different from a turbocharger. For me it’s a lot about pulling up with a presence with the things I build.”

Discussing the various finish options available for ProCharger kits, Steve emphasized, “That’s what sets the ProCharger on that car apart, because you look at it and it looks like it’s been out in the fields forever, and you pop the hood open and you got this polished, you know, ProCharger in there. It does look really good and stands out!”


ProCharger takes pride in designing kits that seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, getting as close to OEM finish and feel as possible. This ensures that even novice gearheads can easily install and experience the power of ProCharged boost within a matter of days. And for experienced fabricators and welders like Steve, the process is even more straightforward.

He went on to mention, “What you guys have sent me is as close to bolt-on as it gets. It’s a straightforward process; it bolts right in, and you can easily adjust the positioning. And it does give you some forgiveness to kind of like (clock it) where you want to be, which was smart with ProCharger on installation.” *Photo credits to Holley and WelderUp Team


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