LS Transplant - GM Carbureted & Aftermarket EFI

Big, Reliable Power for your Classic

When it comes to adding big, reliable power to your classic Chevrolet-powered “muscle car”, no other aftermarket supercharger manufacturer even comes close to ProCharger’s offerings for these horsepower hungry owners. Designed for the popular LS Transplant applications, ProCharger’s LS Transplant Serpentine and Cog Drive Supercharger Kits provide a solid, stable mounting and drive configuration for a wide range of ProCharger supercharger models. Building on more than 10 years of LS forced induction leadership, ProCharger is the first to offer a complete supercharger kit for use on modern EFI LS Transplant engines being transplanted into various vehicles. A properly-spec’d LS Transplant engine and ProCharger F-2 supercharger can support 1,600+ horsepower!