After putting in the hours of blood sweat and tears, we know there are two very important moments at the end of your project. #1) Finally being able to drive it for the first time and #2) Being able to show it off.   Well that first part is in your hands, however we can help you on the second part.

Some of you may have noticed the ProCharger superchargers website has undergone some changes this year, with one of those changes being an all-new customer gallery. The all-new ProCharger gallery not only allows you to share photos and YOUTUBE videos, but also power levels and specs of your supercharged vehicle. Yes finally you can have an easy place to link all your videos/photos/specs of your car for all to see.

Another great feature is that some of you may have more than one ProCharger supercharged car/truck/bike (especially if you are a shop/installer) so we have created a way that you can link all of them to your account.  This makes it much easier to update as you make changes, or more power down the road.

Here is a great example of a customer that has added photos and videos of his ride, along with some great specs to help others learn about it.  Click on the image below to go strait to his gallery.

Now that you have seen what this is all about, we will show you how to sign up for an account yourself, so you can start loading up your own content.

Click on the Log In/Register at the upper right of the screen.

Click on the “Create New Account” tab to fill in your information.

Check your email, for the link to be able to verify your account, and create password.

Once your account has been created, click on the “Create/Edit Owner Galleries” to start entering your first vehicle. 

Use the three tabs below to enter your vehicle information/photos/Videos.

Vehicle Specs
In this section you can type in your vehicle information into the text fields, or select the appropriate info (displacement, supercharger model, boost level, RWHP, etc) from the drop-down menus. You can remove or alter your values at any time.

General Information tab:
Used to create your own customer testimonial, and tell us how you feel about your ProCharger System. You can also use the Modifications and Additional Specs field on this page to add extra specs and vehicle mods that aren’t listed on the Vehicle Specs tab.

Photos & Videos tab:
Upload images and videos of your vehicle by clicking either the upload photo or the “embed” button.  (Just a link to the youtube url is needed for video)

When finished with your gallery, click SAVE to submit your gallery for review.

Once you have submitted your gallery and/or testimonial, ProCharger staff will be notified that you have created a gallery entry. All gallery entries are subject to review by ProCharger staff before they are featured on the website. Galleries will be reviewed during normal business hours M-F. Most galleries should be approved and viewable within 24-48 hours.

So that’s it, four easy steps to be able to show off your car to ProCharger lovers around the world!  And remember any time you need to update your car’s specs or photos, all you have to do is repeat the 4th step.  (Yes it’s that easy)

We hope you can take a moment and either make your own account, or just browse some of the amazing supercharged cars and trucks we have in the gallery.   Another way to help you find vehicles that interest you is to use the search function or the applications tab as show in the image below.

Thanks for reading, and remember if you have any questions on this blog or any of our products feel free to reach out to us at 913-338-2886 or email us at [email protected]
We will be glad to make your supercharger dreams a reality. 

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ProCharger offers Executive Orders for Emissions Compliance (EO) from California Air Resources Board (CARB) for many of our most popular car, truck and SUV applications. If you live in California, we can only sell you products with EO certification. Check out our full list of EO offerings.