GM Truck ProCharger Kit & Lights Out Wins

The new GM trucks are flat awesome…from the fresh new interior to the 10-speed transmission for those that picked the 6.2L engine. Heck, even that fancy new tailgate is totally trick. However, no matter how many things are new for this truck, the one thing we all crave is…MORE POWER. So no matter if you opted for the 355hp 5.3L or the 420hp 6.2L, we have your boost solution, so follow along.

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The start of the racing season always marks the time to shake down all the new combos, chassis, and jitters. But already ProCharger racers are reaping the rewards of this winter’s efforts, with big numbers on the scoreboards.

Lights Out 11 Recap: 3 Class Winner, 1 Runner Up, 1 Record

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