SUPERCHARGE your HEMI with ProCharger!

We’ve read your comments. We’ve taken your calls. It’s time to let the rubber hit the road and explain why these HEMI’s (and V6’s) are incredibly fun, reliable, and all out horsepower monsters!

How much HP can a ProCharger supercharged Dodge make?
6.4L = 215+ HP Gain
5.7L = 160+ HP Gain
3.6L = 120+ HP Gain

☑️ 7 PSI of boost
☑️ Engine safe tune
☑️ Bolt-On Installation
☑️ Made in America

Intercooled ProCharger Systems provide the coolest charge air temperatures, largest power gains and most repeatable performance available. ProCharger’s 6.4L, 6.1L, 5.7L and 3.6L Systems and Tuner Kits feature the industry standard P-1SC-1 ProCharger, with self-contained oiling, billet impeller and billet gear case standard. Our highly effective and reliable air-to-air intercooling system combines both a useful mounting location and best-in-class supercharger efficiency to minimize heat production and transfer maximizing our reliable power gains.

Have any questions about these Dodge HEMI and V6 superchargers? Or on any of our product lines? We have a huge phone tech and sales staff that will be happy to answer any questions you might have on supercharging, from installation, to what supercharger is best for you, and everything in between! Drop us a line at the following.

Mon – Fri 8am – 5:30pm CST
Phone – (913) 338-2886
Sales Email – [email protected]

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