Truck / SUV Superchargers

Truck and SUV ProCharger Superchargers


ProCharger was the first to offer intercooled supercharger systems for trucks and SUV’s, nearly 5 years before others. With industry leading experience and technology, ProCharger produces the coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains. From the dyno to the street, on and off road, ProCharger’s engineering and R&D teams go to great lengths to ensure your supercharged and intercooled American made truck/SUV is everything you expect and more.


Thanks to the coolest charge air temperatures and no exhaust interface, ProCharger systems also produce the lowest exhaust gas temperatures in the industry. With this thermal advantage, ProCharger is not only able to produce a large increase in torque, but more importantly, sustain that increase substantially longer than other power adders. What does this mean to you? ProCharger gives you power and torque when it matters.