If you have ever had the chance to attend the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV, you know that SEMA is all about the extreme in performance and the latest in technology and fabrication.  The drawback is that these types of shows are not open to the general public and sometimes the TV coverage does not really do them justice.  Well look no further, because your old friends at ProCharger have a few custom creations here for your viewing pleasure.  And as these custom builders will tell you, when they are looking for the extreme in bolt on HP, they choose ProCharger.  Both the SSawd Camaro and the GSSS Camaro have already made SEMA appearances while Project X-Box is aiming for completion in time for this year’s show.

SS AWD Camaro-

You may have seen the latest Custom Shop project front and center on Powerblock TV on Spike TV.  Courtney interviewed John Wargo and took a detailed look at the ProCharged project known as the SSawd throughout the program which originally aired this past Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th.  If you are wondering, yes, we said AWD Camaro.

They started with a 1968 Camaro, installed the all-wheel drive drivetrain and suspension from a Trailblazer SS, did a custom coupe conversion, and finished it off with a 2010 Camaro rear.  It is easy to say here, but the level of fabrication required to pull it off, now that is a different story.  The ProCharger F-Series blower and air-to-air Intercooler is literally peeking out from under the hood and from behind the grill.  Check out this beauty at

Custom Shop Grand Sport-

Now if a Corvette and a Camaro were to reproduce, we estimate that the offspring might just look something like the Custom Shop’s Project Grand Sport.  John Wargo and the guys at The Custom Shop in Flanagan, IL set out to build a Grand Sport inspired Camaro.  They started with a 1968 Camaro Convertible, swapped in a ProCharged LS1 motor utilizing the ProCharger LS Transplant Kit, D-1SC self-contained supercharger and air-to air intercooler.

The ProCharger LS Transplant kit allowed for bolt on horsepower while retaining both A/C and P/S.  They went on to mold in door handles from a C5 Corvette and seats from a C4 Corvette.  Corvette style vents were molded in the fenders as well as Grand Sport badging.  It would take more than one look over this beauty to name all of the custom mods on the project also known as the GSSS.  The project is currently detailed in a feature at, check it out!

Project X-Box Update –

Denny Terzich of ProRides is known for creating high horsepower hotrods bordering on the artistic.  When he embarked on his latest project dubbed Project X-Box, a Pro Touring ’55 Chevy, he knew the best way to power this LSx based beast to 1,200+ HP was a ProCharger F-2 with a 1550 HP air-to-air intercooler.  This is certainly not your run of the mill LS Transplant, but rather a complete custom build featuring a five-link Max-G chassis, coilover suspension, and custom A and B-pillars giving a one off roofline rake.

This ProCharged work of art was featured in the latest issue of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine (June 2012).  Denny hopes to have this project completed in time for this year’s SEMA show, but he refuses to cut any corners just to meet a deadline.  We look forward to seeing the finished project.  Great job Denny!

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