With people gearing up for the football season, those of us into “motor” sports know this year’s racing season is winding down.  With many classes coming down to the wire, it’s getting down to crunch time for lots of teams across the US.  We can’t predict how it will all pan, but let’s dig into what’s been going on these last couple weeks since our last racing update.

A few ProCharger supercharged racers can breathe easy, having already sealed their fate as National Champions/Runner ups before the season has already ended.  Our hats off to these following teams, and their crews for the outstanding effort all year on and off the track!  


Eric Gustafson,
NMCA Street Outlaw Champion 
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

Eric and his team won the NMCA West title last year, and this year decided to come east to race the full NMCA series.  Eric and his team at R&D Racing have been rewarded by clinching the NMCA title and are showing the racing world that they are a FORCE to be reckoned with!  This LS powered Mustang is flat out dialed-in to dominate. For more details on this car, click HERE to visit the R&E Racing Facebook page.  And for even more details on this car and team, check out this write up by Drag Illustrated by clicking HERE.

George Farkouh
NMCA/LSX EFI Real Street 
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger

It seems every single time this car heads to the track, it’s either resetting its own records or bringing home a win.  Well after doing that every outing for the last two years, it comes as no surprise that George Farkouh clinched the Real Street Championship for 2015.  Congrats to everyone involved in the Farks Supercars / A.R.H. racing operation!  Again click the link HERE to follow more about this team, and this cars amazing accomplishments. 


Phil Hines
NMCA Street Outlaw
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

Phil Hines is another contender that has everything dialed into to make a hard charge at ever race. This year Phil and his crew put in the work, and finished the year off strong, putting up Record passes, and bringing home the runner up spot in NMCA already, with the NMRA season coming to a close Phil is in the case to put himself on top.  We wish Phil and his crew the best of luck in the final rounds of the NMRA.

Benjamin Board
NMCA Top Sportsman
ProCharger F-3R-121 Supercharger 

Benjamin made his debut this year in the NMCA ranks with his killer Gen5 Camaro bodied machine, and laid down some killer numbers.  Remember folks this car is powered by a Small Block Chevy, knocking down mid 6 second runs!  We can’t wait to see what Ben has in store for the 2016 season!  Congrats to Ben and all of his crew on this year’s fantastic finish.

Eric Gustafson
NMCA Street Outlaw
1/4 mile ET record 6.826 
1/8th mile ET and MPH Record 4.448 @ 165.80
ProCharger F-1X-12 supercharger

Phil Hines
NMRA Street Outlaw
1/4 mile ET record 6.802 @ 208.39 
1/8th mile ET and MPH Record 4.458 @ 165.36
ProCharger F-1X-12 supercharger

George Farkouh
NMCA/LSX EFI Real Street ET record 7.651
NMCA/LSX EFI Real Street MPH record 177.74
ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger

Travis Wester
Quickest and Fastest “IRS” GTO 8.52 @ 160
F-1R supercharger

Fran Schatz
Quickest and Fastest Centrifugal C6 Corvette [email protected]
F-1C-94 Supercharger

Now that we have talked about the Champs/Runner Ups/Records, lets dive into the event wins / runner ups that have been taking place since our last blog a couple weeks ago.  

LS Fest Finals – B.G. George Farkouh, ProCharger F-1A-94 NMCA / LSX Real Street
NMCA Finals – Norwalk George Farkouh, ProCharger F-1A-94 NMCA / LSX Real Street
(Yes, two back to back wins) 

NMCA Finals – Norwalk Eric Gustafson, ProCharger F-1X-12 NMCA Street Outlaw

NHRA National Trail Raceway – Joe Hessling – ProCharger F-1X RaceDrive – Top Dragster

NMCA WEST – True Ten 5 – Johnny Coleman


Enzo Pecchini
Shakedown At Summit – Outlaw Limited Street – Norwalk
ProCharger F-3R-136 Supercharger

Jarod Wenrick
NMCA Street Outlaw – Norwalk 
ProCharger F-1X-12  Supercharger
(More details on this car HERE

Aaron Bates
NMCA Xtreme Street- Norwalk
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger

Erich Aldrich
NMCA West – Outlaw 8.5
ProCharger F-1R Supercharger

If you are a racer and want to be included in our blog,

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