ProCharger-powered racers arrived in force at South Georgia Motorsports Park, despite all the forecasted rain.  But Mother Nature didn’t stop Donald Long “Duck”, SGMP Race Organizer, from putting on another great event to kick off the racing season.  Donald was a busy man at the event so it was hard to get him to slow down long enough for an awesome photo opp, but we did manage to sneek a shot of him with one of the girls working at the track.  Thanks again Donald for always putting on an awesome race event!

Last week’s post highlighted the accomplishments of racer Phil Hines, including his personal best achievement of 4.40 @ 168.7.  Phil continued strong through the weekend with his ProCharged 2001 Mustang GT and qualified #1 in the Outlaw 275 with a time of 4.64 @ 168 mph.

Also running in the Outlaw 275 was Sean Ashe and his ProCharged F-3A-121 Mustang.  Hines and Ashe, 2 ProCharger-powered racers, faced each other in the semi-finals. Sean ran 4.45 @ 163 mph, his best run of the event, which placed him into the finals of the Outlaw 275.  Congratulations to both ProCharger racers, it was a great race to watch!

Unfortunately, rain delays followed by curfews called the final round of the Outlaw 275 but not all was lost: Ashe split the purse – Congrats Sean on a great weekend of racing, despite the rain!

ProCharger extends a big shout out to racer Brent Foster with his ProCharged 62 Ford Fairlane.  Foster also ran in the Outlaw 275 class and qualified in the number 3 spot – great job Brent. Two more ProCharger racers who participated in the Outlaw 275 and deserve special recognition include Andrew DeMarco and David Pearson, both racing their ProCharged Mustangs.  Welcome back to the ProCharger Team Andrew! DeMarco switched back to ProCharger power this season from a turbo, while David Pearson achieved an upset win over the #7 qualifier.  Great job by all ProCharger racers in the Outlaw 275 class.

Running in the Leaf Spring class were 2 more ProCharger-powered racers:  Bryan Marrow and Lyle Barnett.  Both Marrow and Barnett were running ProCharged Camaros, with Barnett qualifying #3 spot with a time of 4.70 @ 153.  Marrow clenched the #1 spot with a time of 4.62 @ 159. Congratulations Bryan and Lyle!

So far we have just highlighted the Outlaw 275 & Leaf Spring classes, with much more SGMP racing news to share.  Stay tuned for many more ProCharger highlights and Lights Out IV racing results from the Outlaw Drag Radial class, Radial vs. The World, and other classes.

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