Die-hard Mopar fan Rick Ellison and his 2008 SRT8 Challenger have gone thru one wild transformation resulting in one of the fastest supercharged Challengers in the country. Starting from its bone stock 6.1L roots and Rick craving more power, together they have progressed into a low 9 second 150 mph race winning combination.

Rick stroked the 6.1L into a 392 cubic inch boosted monster and his power adder of choice was the ProCharger Stage II intercooled system with the proven F-1 ProCharger supercharger supplying over 18 psi of boost; the two are a match made in horsepower heaven.

The F-1 bolted to the Gen III Hemi made 950 RWHP to the ground. Rick was able to put his ProCharger powered Challenger into the winner’s circle multiple times during the 2011 racing season and became the NMCA’s 2011 Modern Hemi Series Unlimited Champion. Be sure to check out Rick’s Challenger on the magazine cover and featured in the June 2012 issue of Mopar Action.

When it comes to Mopars and performance, enthusiast John Jancic has this covered with more late model Hemis than you can count on two hands with several of them ProCharged and featured in Mopar magazines. John’s stable of Hemis range from stock to modified 800+ HP ProCharger powered machines.

In fact, one of the first ProCharged Challengers in the county was John’s Hemi Orange, stock 6.1L Challenger SRT8 with an HO Intercooled P-1SC-1 system cranking out 585+ HP engine and over 500 RWHP on a very conservative 6 PSI of boost making this one of the nicest street Challengers on the road. John’s collective ProCharger Hemi stable allows him to enjoy the best of all horsepower worlds.

ProCharger also has you Challenger R/T owners covered with Jamie Chier and his 2010 5.7L Hemi Challenger R/T that are a force to be reckoned with on the streets. Wanting more horsepower than just your “run of the mill” bolt on power-adder and also wanting an engine friendly power-adder for his mostly stock Challenger, the only thing that met Jamie’s requirements was ProCharger’s HO intercooled system. Using the P-1SC-1 ProCharger supercharger and making 7 psi of boost on the stock 5.7L Gen III Hemi , this potent street package made over 525+ HP and 450 RWHP on this Challenger R/T. So the next time you see a plum-crazy purple Challenger roaming the streets, BEWARE!

Thanks to Rick, John, Jamie and all other ProCharged Hemi owners for selecting ProCharger as their Ultimate “Hemi” Power Adder.

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