Records, Records, and more Records in 2016

ProCharger Records:

Fastest 1/8th Mile (Door Car) – 3.498@212 Daniel Pharis  (Previous 3.58@207 Kevin Rivenbark)
Fastest 1/4 Mile (Door Car) – 5.613 Khalid Al Balooshi ProMod (Previous 5.76@252 Tyler Hard)
Fastest 1/8th Mile (Top Dragster) – 3.63@200 Andy Johnson
Fastest 1/4 Mile (Top Dragster) X.XXX

Headunit Records:


834.1 whp Armin Mihandoust – 416 forged ls3 w/9.8:1 compression, comp cam 232/240 .612/.625 on 116 LSA, Holley Hi-Ram, NW 103mm TB, 8.125 / 3.70 Pullies, 10.25psi, id1300x, e85


4.92@145 Jason Riley – Fox Body DXP235 Legal, SBF
8.125@167 Samantha Moore – 2014 Mustang, NMRA Limited Street Legal, 3,800lbs, Air-to-Air Coyote
9.38@150 Tyler VanLant – 2001 Mustang Cobra, LS2, Cam, E85, 3,500lbs


7.70@177 Brad Schehr – 1989 Mustang, 365″ Windsor, NMRA Modified Street
8.76@155 Derek Putnam -Nova BBC, None Intercooled, Pump Gas/Race Mix, 3,800lbs


9.49@144 Matt Kasatie – 2015 Mustang S550, Full weight, Pump Gas/Meth, Converter


8.29@163 Chad Wendel – Coyote

Street Car Records:

Quickest and Fastest Gen3 Hemi Magnum:
High Horse Performance 8.56@155

Quickest and Fastest Auto SBE Pontiac GTO:
Erik Riedlinger – 9.42@143
2005 GTO LS2
ProCharger F-1A-94

Fastest 6-Speed GTO: 
Dalton Winfield 9.95@143
Video LINK =

2016+ Camaro M6 LT1 Record:
Jessika Joy 10.53@133
D1SC, Cam, Meth

2016+ Camaro ZL1 LT4 Record: 
Quickest and Fastest Overall – 9.30@152
Ron Mowen Vengeance Racing A10 auto.

Corvette C5 IRS: 
Fastest/Quickest Auto = Joe DeDonna
Fastest/Quickest Stick = Jared

Corvette C6 IRS: 
Fastest/Quickest T56
Jared Cocanougher 8.41@169
Video Link

Gen6 Camaro LT1 Records: 
– Fireball Camaro F-1A-94, A8 Trans, LT1 based motor 8.83 (n20 assisted)
– Gwatney Performance Inc F-1A-94, A8 Trans, LT1 based motor 8.84
– Cunningham Performance F-1A-94, A8 Trans, LT1 based motor 9.02
– LMR Camaro F-1A-94, A8 Trans, LT1 based motor 9.51@148

Corvette C7 and Z06 (LT1 / LT4):
– AMP Performance F-1X, A8 Trans LT4, 8.xx  (possibly also half mile)
– LMR F-1R, A8 Trans, LT1, 8.xx

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2: (supercharged record only) 
– Justin Stryker 10.56@130

Fastest SBE SS Sedan 9.66@140
Mitch Kramer (Cookie Monster)
SS Sedan

Worlds Fastest/Quickest SS Sedan 9.57@145
Michael Sylvester / Asylum Motorsports
SS Sedan
ProCharger F-1C Supercharger

Worlds Fastest/Quickest Gen V GM Truck 11.1@120
Allen Partin / Cordes Performance
ProCharger D-1SC Supercharger

Worlds Fastest IRS C7 Corvette – 9.31@150
Skip Harmon / Advanced Modern Performance
2015 Corvette Z06
ProCharger F-1R Supercharger

Worlds Fastest Stick Shift (manual trans) Corvette – 8.75@165
Josh Tonski (Horsepower Solutions Built, Tuned, Driven)
Corvette C6 Z06
ProCharger F-1X

Worlds Fastest IRS C6 Corvette* – 7.83@179
Fran Schatz
Corvette Z06
ProCharger F-1A-94

Worlds Fastest IRS (Manual) C6 Corvette = 8.77@163
Jared Cocanougher
2006 Corvette Z06
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Worlds Fastest IRS C5 Corvette – 7.18@196
Joe DeDona
1999 Corvette
ProCharger F-1X-12 SuperchargerIFrame

Worlds Fastest 5th Gen Viper – 9.36@144
Evan Davis / D3 Performance Engineering
Dodge Viper
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Worlds Fastest IRS 5th Gen Camaro – 7.76@178
American Racing Headers / Farks Supercars
2010 Camaro SS
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger

Worlds Fastest Chevy SS Sedan = 10.07@136
ProCharger D-1SC Supercharger

Worlds Fastest Dodge HEMI Charger** 8.89@154
Salvatore Vito Iovino
Dodge Charger
ProCharger F-1A Supercharger

Worlds Fastest GenIII HEMI – 6.92@203
Rob Goss
Dodge Challenger
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

* = Supercharged
** = GEN3 HEMI, Stock NAG1 Trans, Stock Rearend


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