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100 Championships in 15 years

No competitor offers more winning choices than ProCharger. And ProCharger racers have won over 100 national championships in the past 15 years, something we are certainly proud of here at ProCharger. Built on years of racing success and R&D knowledge, the ProCharger line of superchargers produces the most power and increases your chances of winning.

No external lines or external pumps required – Our superchargers are the easiest to install, operate, and maintain.  Our superchargers have an efficient internal oil / self-contained design so no hassles when it comes to racing.  

Staging your car is a breeze with ProCharger!  Compared to turbos, no violent staging or bumping your car is required.  Just roll in, set your trans brake, rev it up and turn a great light!  And compared to nitrous, no more flirting with disaster.  Just predictable, consistent performance round-after-round with a ProCharger supercharger.

ProCharger CrankDrive geardrive is completely compatible with ProCharger F3 series race superchargers. Simplify installation with the only gear drive designed and manufactured by a supercharger manufacturer, the award winning CrankDrive.  We also offer cog belt setups for anything from high HP street/strip combos to Top Dragsters making over 2000 HP.  We got you covered for most any drag racing setup.

ProCharger superchargers are made from the strongest materials – High strength, aircraft grade billet aluminum is what makes our superchargers hold up pass-after-pass, letting you concentrate on getting the most out of your race engine/chassis combo.

ProCharger superchargers are also backed by the industry's best service and support.  Check out our supercharger specs sheet below and racing applications table for recommended superchargers of each racing class.  Any questions, just give us a call.  We have real people right here in the USA to take your call.  Join the ProCharger winning team and head to the winner’s circle!

Phone - (913) 338-2886 M-F 8:00am - 6:00pm CST
Sales Email - sales@procharger.com
Tech Email - tsgroup@procharger.com

Race Supercharger Models

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• A-1 and B-1 supercharger models are available for Powersports markets

• The stated figures are not absolutes, and may actually be higher depending upon the specific application

• Figures based on stated peak airflows; actual power levels may be higher in well prepared engines

• Engine intake air temperature is the most relevant thermal measure (not SAE J1723) for a supercharger installed on a vehicle, especially when intercooled; SAE J1723 does not address the impact of engine dynamics, engine compartment heat transfer, intercooling or deficiencies caused by supercharger location

Pricing and Options

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Race Winning Supercharger Recommendations

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F-3 ProCharger Cutaway

ProCharger F3 Supercharger Cutaway