Racing News

Finally the long wait is over, our favorite time of year is about to begin. Garages and shops across the country are in crunch time mode, as winter projects/updates are being completed, tow rigs and trailers are getting prepped and stocked, dyno rollers are turning, test hits at the track are being made, and EVERYONE is getting ready to do battle…Because its RACE SEASON again!

Three of the Four members of 6-second 275 Drag Radial club are ProCharger-Powered!

Kelly Henry, Henry De Los Santos “6-second 275 Drag Radial” Mustang

Like your Harley fast and powerful? How about 260 rear wheel horsepower on pump gas?

So many exciting things to cover about these cars, We almost don’t know where to begin.

Lets start with this ... ProCharger has you covered for BOTH years of the BOSS 302, with BOTH complete systems offered, P-1SC-1 and i-1, in all three versions of the kit’s (Stage2, Race, Tuner)

Often you hear the phrase “on the street and the track” in regards to a product or brands domination. So much in fact, that maybe we forget the power of that statement. Here at ProCharger however, when we say that the ProCharged HEMI's are dominating the street and the track–we mean it.

Phil Hines 2013Phil Hines
NMRA Street Outlaw Champion
ProCharger F-1X


Phil Hines wheelies his way to a #1 qualifying spot, and runs a strong 7.13 @ 195 against the 7 time defending Champion John Urist to take the 2013 NMRA Street Outlaw Championship!