ProCharger’s RaceDrive is an answer to the call from customers across a number of drag racing disciplines who had supplied their input to our racer support staff, requesting not only an integrated gear drive for their increasingly-powerful race cars, but one that could operate a number of accessory systems, be easily serviceable, and also fit in any range of engine compartments without major chassis modifications. ProCharger’s engineering team checked all of those boxes off in the design of the RaceDrive, delivering a piece that could effectively transfer all of the power from the crankshaft into the gear drive unit, spinning the supercharger without any need for a belt or pulleys, which presented reliability issue in applications making well in excess of 2,000 horsepower.

While the “heads up” racing community has known ProCharger to be the power adder of choice, the NHRA Sportsman classes are just now realizing the advantages of ProCharger.

There have been several ProCharger superchargers on Dragsters and Top Sportsman cars over the years but fitment of our supercharger on some of these cars was either in an awkward location, or just flat out impossible.

The design of the RaceDrive allows for the supercharger, with an integrated gear drive system, to be mounted directly in front of the engine, but in a higher position and closer to the front of the engine than the traditional “gear-drive” units that have been used by many of our heads up racers for years. 

This higher up and more compact design caught the attention of the NHRA Top Dragster community, and is a great fit for existing chassis’.  With the supercharger centered up in front of the engine this allowed for a clean and aerodynamic install, and with the unit fitted as close to the front of the engine as possible this was a perfect fit for these dragsters.

Here are some of the top running RaceDrive customers so far:

April 19, 2015
Class: Top Dragster
Race: NHRA Division 4 at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas.
Racer: Ross Laris
Finished: Runner-Up
Qualified: #12    6.416     217.04mph
Engine Combo: APD 540 and RaceDrive

May 2, 2015
Class: Top Dragster
Race: NHRA Division 3 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Racer: Rob Moser
Finished: Win against Andy Johnson (Another ProCharger racer with an F3).
Qualified: #9      6.266     220.40
Engine Combo: 540 APD with APD blowthru carb and ProCharger RaceDrive

May 16, 2015
Class: Top Dragster
Race: NHRA Division 6 at Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho.
Racer: Tim Wallace         
Finished: Best Engineered
Qualified: #4      6.879     197.59
Engine Combo: APD build with an APD blowthru carb and ProCharger RaceDrive

June 27, 2015
Class: Top Dragster
Race: PDRA Summer Drags in Martin, Michigan
Racer: Joe Hessling
Qualified: #8    3.992     183.30mph
Finished: Winner
Engine Combo: APD 540 and RaceDrive

July 5, 2015
Class: Top Dragster
Race: NHRA Ninth Annual Summit Race Equipment Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio.
Racer: Joe Hessling
Qualified: #6    6.161     228.61mph
Finished: Runner-Up and Best Appearing Car
Engine Combo: APD 540 and RaceDrive

Even though this blog is filled with dragsters running the RaceDrive, door cars are enjoying it as well.  Such as NMCA ProMod racer Chuck Demory Jr.  and his methol injected big block Ford Mustang. 

If your ready for a power adder that brings the ultimate in consitancy, durablity and power. 
Drop us a line at 913-338-2886 or email us at [email protected]

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