Thanks to all of you who posted on Facebook, sent us a note and/or photos sharing what the ProCharger Santa brought you.  It looks like the ProCharger Santa was very kind this year and brought a variety of ProCharger superchargers to lots of you, including racing F-series ProChargers, D-1SCs, and the ever-popular P-1SCs for your Mustangs, Corvettes, SRT8s, and more.

Chad Blackshire, Team Scorpion Racing, sent in photos sharing his race cars that have F-1 ProChargers on the front of his Flat4 VW engines.

The front motor sedan Scorpion 2 has a Jericho 4Speed transmission, Ford 9″ rear end with a 2.5 liter motor.  It’s also fuel injected and will run on E85 this season.

The dragster Scorpion 3 has a 3 liter 184cu. inch motor fuel injected on methanol that Chad drives, but is switching to E85 this season too.  Chad’s looking forward to a fun 2013 racing season, and we agree, it should be fun!  Thanks for sharing Chad!

Kevin Guthrie, Guthrie Racing, is working on a new project and received all kinds of parts for his new F-3R-equipped 4-speed, big block ’62 Bubble Top Bel-Air.  The old Bel-Air is already known as the fastest street legal car in Colorado.  The new F-3R ProCharger and lightening the car by 1,000 pounds should really turn some heads in Outlaw 10.5.   The old 4-speed, big block went 7:50’s @ over 192 in Denver, and he’s hoping the new one will run well into the sixes.  Thanks for sharing Kevin!  To read more about Kevin’s project checkout (Volume 13, Issue 3).

Check out more ProCharged vehicles at  Thanks again to all who posted and shared their ProCharger stories with us, and for all of the racers, we wish you a safe and successful 2013 racing season.

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