In the highly anticipated opening race of the new NMCA West series, ProCharger racers reigned supreme. The race took place just 2 hours north of Los Angeles at the historic Famoso Raceway Park located in Bakersfield, CA.

In the True 8.5” tire class, ProCharger-powered racer Eric Gustafson and his impeccable 400-cubic inch LS based ‘69 Camaro were ready for action. Eric relies on an F-1R ProCharger that supplies 22psi of boost to his potent combination. Eric qualified third with a 5.42 @ 138 mph. On elimination day, Gustafson, along with his F-1R ProCharger, brought home the win and also the new NMCA record by running an outstanding 5.39 @ 139 mph!

ProCharger has quite the reputation these days as the X275 “class killer” in the Midwest and East coast racing scene. On the West coast, even with a different set of rules that allow the ProCharger F-2 to compete against it’s turbo and big block nitrous adversaries, the ProCharger F-2 still maintains it’s reputation as ProCharger’s biggest “bang for the buck”.  Kevin and Jeff Young both brought their 3rd gen small block Camaros from Idaho to compete in the ProCharger-sponsored class. They qualified number one and two, and both made it to the finals for an all ProCharger-powered final round. Kevin and his ProCharger F-2, using over 30psi of boost, pulled out the victory and also set the West Coast X275 class record running an incredible 7.44 @ 198 mph!

In the True 10.5”/Outlaw Drag Radial class, Al Jimenez brought his leaf-spring suspended 1971 big block Camaro to wage war against all in attendance. Al, using his ProCharger F-3R-136 and close to 40 psi of boost, qualified number one and won the race. While doing so, Al and his F-3R-136 crushed the all-time fastest leaf-spring suspension world record by running an unheard of 205 mph blast in the finals!

ProCharger is extremely proud of all of our racers who were in attendance this weekend and flying our banners high out on the West coast. No other centrifugal supercharger manufacturer and it’s racers could have teamed up and pulled off three breathtaking class records followed by three dominating wins in one West coast weekend.

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