ProCharger racers are picking up right where they left off. With 10 National Championships in 2008, several ProCharger-powered racers made it loud and clear that ProCharger dominance will continue in 2009.

NMRA Season Opener, Bradenton, FL

ProCharger-powered Drag Radial racer Jason Lee pulled off a rare trifecta, starting with qualifying in the no. 1 position. Lee then went on a power-trip, resetting the NMRA Drag Radial ET record and racing his way to the class win. Lee ran a 7.98 in the second round of eliminations and bettered his record by running a 7.97 in the finals for the win! This was huge win for the team, as the car was basically totaled in late October of 2008 in a testing accident. Lee and his crew spent all winter rebuilding the car and then ran the first competition 7-second pass in NMRA history! Congratulations to Jason and his team for their “never quit” attitude and for setting a new NMRA Drag Radial World Record!

Two other ProCharger-powered Drag Radial racers also had an outstanding opening weekend. Enzo Pechinni ran a new personal best with an 8.28 which earned him the third qualifying spot. Pete Johnson debuted his new 2005 Mustang that he built over the winter and consistently ran in the 8.50’s. Johnson took home the “Best Engineered” honors for the event.

In Real Street, ProCharger-equipped Mustangs dominated, sweeping the top three qualifying positions. Jim Breese qualified no. 1 with an outstanding 9.62 @ 141 mph pass. Past Champion, Tim Matherly was in the no.2 spot with Dave Ginter locking down the no. 3 position. In the all-ProCharger final it was Matherly against Ginter, with Matherly coming out with the win. In one of the best finals of the weekend, Matherly outran Ginter 9.63 to a 9.70. Congrats to all of these Real Street warriors. 

In the highly-competitive 10.5W class, AJ Powell also debuted his ProCharger-equipped 2005 Mustang. Powell and crew spent six weeks prepping the car and had never made a pass on the car until Bradenton. The result was a very respectable 7.24 @ 188 mph. Great job for the first time out in an all-new car.

In Super Street Outlaw action, ProCharger racers John Urist and John MacDonald were both on hand for the Bradenton opener. Urist qualified no.1 with MacDonald in the no.2 spot. Both ran in the 7.40’s. Urist made it all the way to the finals where he lost to Don Burton due to a mechanical issue at the line. 

Battle of the Brands, Orlando, FL

In what used to be Fun Ford Weekends, the new “Battle of the Brands” series opened with an event in Orlando, FL. ProCharger racer Phil Hines was on hand and ran in the high 4-second range all weekend (1/8 mile racing). Hines qualified no. 2 and then went on to take the win with a 4.87 pass. Congratulations to Hines and his crew!

American Drag Racing League (ADRL), Houston, TX

ProCharger is now an ADRL contingency sponsor and at their season-opening Dragpalooza V event at Houston Raceway Park, ProCharger racers Ray Conover and Doug Mangrum qualified their cars in the highly-competitive Extreme 10.5 class. 

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