Recently many ProCharger shops have been busy taking their customers’ cars to the top levels of performance, especially when it comes to raising the power bar with GM LS engine based vehicles. The main common bond for the builders is their power adder of choice: ProCharger. Want to turn your new 5th Gen Camaro or LS powered vehicle into one of the fastest cars on the block or at the track, then you have found the right place for the Ultimate Power Adder®, ProCharger.

Tune Time Performance, located in Lakewood, NJ, are ProCharger and GM LS experts known for making big horsepower with street friendly manners. To their credit, Matt Hauffe and his team have been featured in several magazine articles covering the builds of ProCharged vehicles.

One example is the 8 second 2010 Camaro owned by the team of Farks Supercars and American Racing Headers which features the race proven ProCharger F-1R set at only 15 PSI of intercooled boost, resulting in 1000+ HP on a built 416 CID LS3. This Camaro recently ran 8.94 ET @ 154 MPH in the July heat at the Super Chevy event in Maple Grove, PA making it one of the quickest new Camaros in the country. As the team continues to dial in their setup, they are sure to see even lower 8 second ETs in the cooler fall weather.

Tune Time Performance is also working on a pair of ProCharged and Intercooled 2010 Camaros (6.2L LS stock block engines) with the goal of being the quickest stock based Camaros in the country. They are currently upgrading their shop Camaro to the potent F-1D ProCharger with the goal of running 9 sec ETs in full 4000+ lbs street trim while retaining air conditioning and full options. This same full weight Camaro was featured in Super Chevy magazine equipped with the legendary ProCharger D-1SC making over 750 HP on 14 PSI resulting in 10.54 ET at 134.8 MPH. The second ProCharged 5th Gen Camaro currently in their shop also features the F-1D ProCharger and will be competing in the near future for the quickest stock based 5th Gen Camaro in the country.

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