Following up last years’ speed run successes, several motorcycle land-speed racers are taking their ProCharger supercharged and intercooled v-twins to even faster traps speeds and more standing-mile records.

World’s Fastest Bagger?

Tom Reiser (know throughout the motorcycle world as TR) used his ProCharger-equipped bagger motorcycle to set a new under 1650 cc (100”) record at the Maxton Mile event in June: 182.5 mph! Utilizing a standard ProCharger touring supercharger drive system, TR modified it to mount a C-1 ProCharger and modified the intercooler. The end result: 226 rwhp out of just 98-cid of ProCharger-boosted V-twin!

With his run in June, TR now unofficially holds the record for the World’s Fastest Bagger! Congratulations TR and good luck as he sets his sites on making this an official record during the late-August BUB event at the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats.

ProCharger-Equipped, 200 MPH V-Twin

In 2009, Bradley Everhart simply shattered to old speed record in his class, taking it from 162 mph to a blistering 198.914 mph. Like any racer that close to the magical 200 mph club, Everhart made some upgrades to his ProCharger B-1 supercharged, fuel-injected 120-cid twin cam over the winter. Now with 245 rwhp, Everhart once again throttled-up on the Maxon concrete in 2010 and the result was impressive: 200.52 mph in the standing mile!

Never satisfied, Everhart is now looking to run 210 mph at the Loring, MA event in July…keep your eyes on him… if you can!

Click here to read about the 2009 speed records set by ProCharger-equipped V-twins.

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