ProCharged Racers Boost Past the Competition in 2024 Season


With the latest addition of legendary racer Jeff Lutz to the ProCharger family, it’s safe to say that ProCharger racing has been on a roll in 2024!

Week after week, racers have been racking up wins, runner-up finishes, and #1 qualifiers across various racing series throughout the 2024 season. We are thrilled to be a part of these incredibly talented racing programs and recognize their dedication and hard work. Now let’s highlight those racers victories:


  • Ryan Mitchel

The Shop Inc. Heads Up No Prep – I-29 Dragway 5/4/24

Small Tire Elite – ProCharger: F-3R-136

  • Jeff Lutz

NPK — New England Dragway 5/11/24

Second Chance Race – ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

  • Eric Fox

Small Tire Bash — Cordova Dragway 5/11/24

Outlaw Small Tire – ProCharger: F-3R-121

  • Logan Ferneau

Wisconsin Outlaw Street — Great Lakes Dragway 05/11/24

Wi Outlaw Street – ProCharger: F-3R-121

  • Nick Girard

Street Car Takeover — Flying H Drag Strip 5/11/24

Street Racer 9.0 – ProCharger: F-1A-94

  • Michael Silva

Ontario Street Outlaws– Toronto Motorsports Park 5/11/24

No Prep Small Tire – ProCharger: F-1X

  • James Ogden

MWDRS — Tulsa 5/11/24

Pro 4.20

  • James Dwyer

Street Car Takeover – Flying H Drag Strip 5/11/24

Stick Shift – ProCharger: D-1X

  • Brad Schehr

No Brainer Nationals – ShadySide Dragway 5/11/24

Limited 235 – ProCharger: P-1X

  • Mark Kaspar

Midwest NO Prep Series – Mid America Dragway 5/13/24

Small Tire

  • Rob Golobo

Michigan Mayhem — Us 131 Motorsports Park 05/18/24

LDR – ProCharger: F-4X-140

  • Eric Dillard

NHRA — Chicago 05/19/24

Pro Mod – ProCharger: F-4X-140

  • Rob Elmore

The Battle Beyond 660 — River Road Raceway 05/18/24

Small Tire – ProCharger: F-3R-112

  • JR Baxter

NHRA Divisional — Ennis Texas 05/19/24

Top Dragster – ProCharger: F-3R-112

  • Jake Mason

Titans of 10.5 — Mid America Dragway 05/18/24

Outlaw 10.5 – ProCharger: F-3R-136

  • Rachel Jewell

NPK — Empire Dragway 05/18/24 and 5/19/24

Small Tire – ProCharger: F-3R-136

  • Jimmy Lewis

NHRA Divisional — Ennis Texas 05/19/24

Top Sportsman – ProCharger: F-3R-121RD

  • Shaun Shultz

Kingman Route 66 Street Drags 05/18/24


  • Shaun Shultz

Kingman Route 66 Street Drags 05/18/24

Big Tire

  • Giuseppe Gentile

NPK – Flying H Dragstrip 5/26/24

Invitational – ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

  • Shawn Ellington

NPK – Flying H Dragstrip 5/26/24

Second Chance Race – ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

  • Clay Cole

NPK – Flying H Dragstrip 5/26/24

Outlaw Big Tire – ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

  • Andy Reynolds

Memorial Day Bash – Xtreme Raceway Park 5/26/24

True Street – ProCharger: F-3R-112

  • Richie Allen

PDRA – Norwalk 5/25/24

Top Dragster

  • Raymond Matos

Rotors vs Pistons – Salinas Speedway 05/24/24

Pro Mod vs Big Block – ProCharger: F-4X-140-1

  • Brian Carpenter

Street Car Showdown – Brainerd International Raceway 05/28/24

OS660 – ProCharger: F-3R-121

  • Jared Brunner

Doorslammer Nationals – Maryland International Raceway 05/26/24

28/275 – ProCharger: F-3R-121

  • Mike Alexander Jr.

PDRA- Norwalk 05/24/24

Top Sportsman – ProCharger: F-3R-121RD

Racing Domination Proven Through Decades of Boost

With their exceptional performance, ProCharger has once again raised the bar for racing excellence, showcasing remarkable speed across various series. We look forward to many more victories this racing season! Check out previous race recaps here in our News section.


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