1997 Ford Cobra

Supercharger: F-1C

The boost curve of the ProCharger F1C is fantastic! Look at the dyno results, they speak for themselves. I was blown away at how low the inlet temps were even at 20+ psi of boost! They obviously did their homework on this one. Thanks ATI!

After RWHP: 707


Intercooler: 3 Core


Modifications and Additional Specs:

Motor Specs: stock heads, cams, intake and block, Wiseco pistons, Manley rods Exhaust Specs: Bassani exhaust Other Mods: 2003 Cobra IRS Snap, Magnafuel and Aeromotive fuel system, FAST EFI, Never Ran on anything other then 2754017 Nitto Drag radials. Featured in MM&FF magazine, as well as competed in 5.0 Mustang Magazines King of the Street Shoot out, where it placed 2nd Place. Other Info: 100% Built by House of Boost