2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Supercharger: P-1SC

I have always wanted to get a procharger for my vehicles and when I picked up my 2012 SRT8 Jeep I knew I wanted to get it procharged. My jeep was fast before and had plenty of power at the wheels, 372awhp, but I wanted more. After adding the procharger jeep system it bumped my power to 550awhp. The jeep is a completly different animal now. It will break all 4 wheels loose when shifting into second and keeps pushing you further and further into your seat as boost is made. The procharger kit is top notch from the intercooler welds to the fit and finish of the blower unit. My favorite part of it all is that under normal driving conditions it drives just like stock, no weird lurches or hard shifting. To top it all off I am getting almost 5mpg better on my daily commute! Procharging my jeep was the best additions I have done. More power, better mpg, and a lot more smiles.

After RWHP: 550

BOOST: 7psi



Modifications and Additional Specs: