2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Supercharger: F-1X

Installed by: Chuck Greer, Vengeance Racing, and Late Model Engines (LME)

After RWHP: 1400

BOOST: 32 lbs


Transmission: TR6060 transmission complete with an RPS BC3 triple-disc clutch and a flywheel to match it.

Modifications and Additional Specs:

"Corvettes are notorious for having little room in the engine bay, making it very difficult to run boost by way of turbocharging while not cutting the car up in the process. So for this application, a ProCharger F-1X is nestled nicely into place like it was meant to be there. ProCharger’s race air-to-air intercooler provides the heat extraction needed to keep the aircharge at bay. " Read full story: Photos taken by: WES TAYLOR of