2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Supercharger: F-1X

Installed by: Advanced Modern Performance

These car was built by AMP Advanced Modern Performance at the request of a client . The stated client goal was to have the fastest C7 convertible in the world. That goal was achieved with a result of a 7.71 @ 173 MPH and it will go faster so updates will follow.

After RWHP: 1600+ RWHP


Intercooler: Air to Water Custom

Transmission: Power Glide

Modifications and Additional Specs:

LME built short block with billet internal rotating assembly, LME Billet intake, AMP heads, Brian Tooley Cam, Manton Pushrods with LT4 rocker assembly, Crawford Racing, Carlisle Racing, Weld Wheels, AMP custom Charge pipes. AMP Breather, AMP 10 RIB procharger belt conversion, RPM transmission Powerglide with 9 inch rear end conversion