2003 Infiniti G35 (Skyline)

Supercharger: C-2

After RWHP:


Intercooler: 350Z-G35


Modifications and Additional Specs:

3.5L DOHC V6 engine Veilside stainless exhaust manifolds, Titanium exhaust Other Mods: Nissan Skyline V35 bumper and V35 GT-350 badges, TEIN HA coilover suspension, Stoptech 14.1 inch front-rear brake upgrades, Veilside Andrews Evolution-V wheels Other Info: Rytek Motorsports contacted ATI to get their new G35-Skyline in top form for the November 2003 SEMA show. The addition of the polished Intercooled ProCharger system helped make this unique car a head-turner at the show, as well as making it a top performer on the street and at the track.