2002 Pontiac Trans Am

Supercharger: F-1

After RWHP: 822


Intercooler: custom air-to-air intercooler


Modifications and Additional Specs:

Motor Specs: 427 ci bored GM C5-R Racing Block engine Exhaust Specs: Corsa cat back Exhaust System Diamon Pistons, LS6 Heads from More Performance cut to 73cc Chamber, 6.0 Liter Truck Ignition Coils, Comp Camps LSX Intake, Stock MAF, Comp Cams LSX 90mm Throttle Body, Spec 3 Aluminum Flywheel and Clutch, Aeromotive Fuel System, 71# injectors, BMR K-Member and Extreme Duty Torque Arm, 11lb Mecham Performance Carbon Fiber Hood Other Info: What makes this so special is that it is 100% pump gas: 93 octane. No nitrous, no race fuel, no additives. 100% streetable, 26 MPG, and passed NC emissions.