2016 Chevrolet SS Sedan

Supercharger: D-1X

Installed by: LSX Unlimited

After RWHP: 705

BOOST: 9.2



Modifications and Additional Specs:

Ricky in this past week with his insane D1X ProCharged Chevy SS to get dialed back in on the Dyno with his new boost addition! Results are 705rwhp (470rwhp before boost) on 9.2psi on E80! Mods include custom camshaft, D1X ProCharger, Sniper Intake, FIC1000’s, DSX Aux Fuel Pump, E80% tuned with @hptuners! Lots left for more power but we cut it off at 6800rpm climbing like crazy but with stock head bolts and gaskets we played it safe! More upgrades to come and we will see what the D1X will handle in the future! #lsxunlimited