69 Chevrolet Camaro

Supercharger: F-1R

Started out as a mild 383 street car and met an installer who talked me in to a D1SC went from 13.90's to 11.90's overnight. That wasn't enough so we changed up to the F1R and as the 383 got tired built a lower compression 406 from scratch and now leaving the line at 2200 rpm in denver we are running 10.15 consistently and taking is very easy on the motor. This car is a blast to drive s run in the 9's in denver but to keep everything consistent and fun while reasonably priced low 10's is fine for now. Thanks Procharger for a great product!

After RWHP: 810




Modifications and Additional Specs:

406 Dart Block AFR Heads Howards internals, FAST injection