Godzilla Engine Swap Kits (7.3)



Back in January, we teased you about ProCharger’s development of a supercharger kit for Ford’s new 7.3L engine, mentioning that the engine and ProCharger combination was designed to fit inside the engine bay of a Fox-chassis Mustang, which should be a common swap. We were short on the details due to the “newness” of the project, but can now report that the kits are done, on the shelf, and shipping NOW! That’s right, Ford’s brand new 7.3L (445 cubic-inches) truck engine makes 430 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque in factory trim, but with minor performance mods like a cam, headers, and calibration has already shown to make nearly 600 hp. Just imagine what bolting on a ProCharger will do for the power. That means the engine/supercharger combination would be an animal in a lighter car like a Mustang or anything else you might want to put it in, making it a fantastic engine swap candidate! 

System Features:

  • CNC billet alum. boxed bracket system
  • 8 and 10 rib drive belt configuration
  • Forward-facing supercharger inlet
  • Utilizes Innovators West SFI harmonic balancer
  • 8" Crank pulley size
  • Fits up to F-1X supercharger head units
  • CrankDrive available

Dimensions to fitment:

Will it fit in a Fox Body?...YES!


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NOTE: 7.3L Godzilla Swap systems are NOT legal for street use in California. California approved products for street legal use (complete systems) will have an associated CARB EO# for compliance.  Click here for a full list of California and 50 state street legal systems.