Dragsterdrive System

DragsterDrive System: (Reverse Mount)

While this layout might look like the conventional cylinder head mount (which we will talk about later), the DragsterDrive offers some great features specifically designed for use with Dragsters. Here are some of the quick features that set this drive apart from anything else. 

- Reverse Mounted Supercharger (inlet faces forward)
- Boxed Bracket design (no chance of flex under extreme loads)
- Integrated crank support bearing (reduced crank load)
- Integrated supercharger input support (reduced input shaft load)
- Crank Trigger / Timing pointer built-in
- V-band drive for oil / fuel pump
- Alternator drive optional

*- Currently only for BBC

The features above all add up to cleaner airflow to the supercharger, amazing bearing support, belt tracking, and overall the highest durability of any belt-driven supercharger system.  All while fitting into a dragster chassis that might not otherwise allow a CrankDrive or Reverse belt drive to be used.  

Pricing and Options

Click here to open our App Guide for all of the pricing details including options (page 86).

Questions about DragsterDrive?

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