Catalog Rack Assembly Instructions

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Designed to showcase our extensive lineup of ProCharger catalogs, these racks are the perfect addition to any garage, shop, or showroom. With easy assembly instructions provided in both video and paper format, setting up your Catalog Rack is a breeze. Whether you prefer following along with the convenient assembly video or the included paper instructions, we’re thrilled to see you proudly display our catalogs with our latest display solution!


STEP 1: Fold out the main body of the catalog rack, next fold in the bottom and side flaps to create the box the catalogs will be sitting in.

STEP 2: Fold the front panel up and over the bottom and side flaps to create the box the catalogs will be sitting in.

STEP 3: Next grab your triangle piece and fold down crease, then make sure they are secure behind all catalog body panels (TIP: make sure not to fold down the front panel all the way as one of the folds are secured behind this panel).

STEP 4: Fold in the side panels to create the sides of the catalog rack.

STEP 5: Fold over the front facing plate to create the back of the catalog rack where the catalogs will rest against. (TIP: the ProCharger logo will be facing you).

STEP 6: Next grab the supplied shelf, fold inwards the locking flaps and secure to create the shelf the catalogs will be sitting on, and drop into place on the left side of the display.

STEP 7: Next grab the supplied bottom plate for the mini catalog side and simply drop in and secure.


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