Today is the first day of summer, and the heat is on for the competition! The ProCharger racers are dominating in all forms of racing with a total of 48 wins and lots of exciting news since our last Racing Blog Post.  Since our last blog post...

These new 2018 Mustangs are already an amazing piece of engineering straight from the dealership floor. At ProCharger our goal is an epic seat-of-the-pants from our supercharger systems for 2018 Mustang GT's!

We know you count on your truck to get the daily tasks done, but you may also want some more power to help make the ride more fun or could use a little more grunt when towing or hauling. Well, ProCharger has got you covered!

Here at ProCharger superchargers we are happy to announce that we are deep into our R&D testing phase of this new Jeep platform. Soon that all JL owners can enjoy the massive power gains (50%+) from a bolt-on supercharger

Buy a new 2018 Mustang GT, install our Stage II system, and enjoy a 70% increase in power! ProCharger superchargers has made it that easy, and this blog will explain more!

From NY to Cali, Alaska to Hawaii: Residents looking for even more street legal horsepower, ProCharger has got you covered! We have been working hard on getting even more California Air Resources Board (CARB) approvals ...

Since our last racing blog, our amazing racers have racked up: 18 National Event Wins, 4 National Event Runners Up, 5 National Event Records, and 8 Qualified in the #1 Spot ...

ProCharger superchargers heard the call for boost from GM Truck owners that opted for the 6.0L "Heavy Duty" option for their 2500HD. No matter how you plan on using your 2500HD truck, we have the perfect supercharger kit for you.

GM Dealerships have showrooms packed full of 2018 models perfect for your needs, whether towing, touring, or hitting the track and ProCharger has supercharger systems ready to ship for your new ride

Without a doubt having a boat for the summer is fun, and a "go-fast" boat only adds to that fun.This blog is about how we here at ProCharger are taking 496's to the next level,