There's no denying that Chevrolet has a gold-medal winner in the 2010 Camaro, especially the LS-powered SS models. And when it comes to taking horsepower to Olympian levels of power combined with real-world, everyday driveability, more new Camaro SS owners are turning to ProCharger than any other force induction power adder. Period.

Realizing the all-around versatility and performance potential of an entirely new generation of side-by-side Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), ProCharger is proud to introduce intercooled supercharger systems for these work hard, play hard vehicles at the 2010 Dealernews Powersports

The ProCharger V-Twin Team will be conducting a content-rich seminar during the 10th Annual V-Twin Expo by Easyriders in Cincinnati, OH. The seminar, "Supercharging Basics: Power, Performance and Profits with ProCharger" is scheduled for Saturday, Feb.

Leading the way once again, ProCharger now has complete intercooled supercharger systems and tuner kits available for 2010 model year Harley-Davidson V-twins, including Touring, Softail, Dyna and now, the TriGlide models equipped with stock or modified Twin Cam 96-, 103- or 110+ cubic inch engines.

As soon as the horsepower-hungry staff at Super Chevy magazine received the press release announcing the first-to-market intercooled ProCharger Supercharger Systems for the hot-selling 2010 Camaro SS, they were on the phone to schedule an installation article and a visit to the ProCharger facility.

To say that ProCharger's new F-4 supercharger was the absolute buzz of the 2009 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show is like saying a tornado is a gentle breeze.

With the "pony car wars" heating up on the street, it was just a matter of time until street-driven 2010 SS Camaros started turning heads with ProCharger-enhanced 1/4-mile times.

LMR's 2010 Camaro SS at 2009 SEMA Show

During the 2009 racing season, 10 different ProCharger-equipped racers notched a record total of 12 International racing and motorsports championships across a wide range of sanctioning bodies in both the U.S. and Canada.

Like their four-wheeled brothers-in-speed, Harley-Davidson V-twin hot rodders have discovered that ProCharger-equipped motorcycles make outstanding two-wheeled land speed record assailants.

For one week out of the year, Las Vegas is the performance and hot rodding capital of the world. The annual Specialty Equipment Market Assocation (SEMA) Tradeshow is held in the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. ProCharger and many ProCharger-equipped vehicles were there in force at this year's show.