ZL1 Camaro ProCharger System (TEASER)

ProCharger leads the LT forced induction revolution:

These new direction injection "LT" engines have pushed the levels of what is possible on and off the track. And were here at ProCharger are humbly honored to be the power adder of choice for some amazing records on this new "LT" engine platform from GM.  A quick breakdown goes as follows...

- Fastest Gen5 LT1 2016+ Camaro (Fireball Camaro 8.83@159)
- Fastest Gen5 LT1 C7 Corvette Stingray (LMR C7 Stingray 8.84@160)
- Fastest Gen5 LT4 C7 Corvette Z06 (AMP C7 Z06 8.92@158

Powering one would be an honor, however powering all three of the fastest on the planet leaves us nearly speechless.  This blog teaser is to let the world know that soon we are willing to bet these new ZL1 Camaro's will be placing their mark on this list very soon.  Take a peek at what's coming for these race-bred monster Camaros...

ProCharger systems will be available with multiple head unit options, multiple intercooler options, billet intake manifold, and various texture and color finishes.  From 730 hp to 1,200+ these systems will turn the Camaro ZL1 into something to scare the "Demons" back to "Hell" (if you know what we mean)