WORLD OF BOOST: ProCharger superchargers all over the globe!

Where on earth will you find ProCharger Superchargers...?

...everywhere, is the shortest answer we can come up with.  Let's be honest, we have spent the last 25 years shipping our supercharger head units and systems to all corners of this fine planet.  And figured it was time to write a blog featuring just a handful of the amazing rides you might find on a continent or country near you!  

AUSTRALIA -- $1.2 Million dollar ProCharged Mercury! 

Andy from Andy's Restorations in New South Wales sent two images of this 1,500hp custom built Mercury that made our jaws drop.  From the 24k gold plating to the paint and bodywork by Charlie Hutton, this car is just amazing.    

The 572 cubic inch Keith Black Hemi swallows boost from an F-2 ProCharger head unit, as it transfers power to a fully custom Art Morrison chassis rolling on Curtis Speed wheels.  This car has already come home with a big haul of trophies for its owner Wasyl Rosati.   

JAPAN -- Boosted Harley Bagger

This bagger built by HRD Performance out of Sagamihara Japan would have been wicked fun with the 135" T-Man V-twin between the frame rails.  However, fun wasn't enough and that's were the ProCharger B-1 supercharger came into play.  Now the streets of Japan can echo to the sounds of over 200 hp from this mighty Vtwin.  Only thing is, we wish we were there to see/hear it in person.   

SWEDEN -- 4,444lb Impala SS with 1,100HP! 

If a car could tell a story or maybe even a full-blown TV show... this would be the car.  The owner of this amazing Impala goes by the name of Anders Bostic Envall, and he has documented EVERYTHING that makes this heavyweight SS amazing.  From the beginning of its ownership to the ProCharger supercharged monster it now is. 

Honestly, we have followed BLACKOUT full-size racing since the early 2000s and still love checking in on progress.  We strongly urge you to also check out their Facebook page at the following link HERE

ITALY -- 12 pistons, 2 ProChargers, FULL AWESOME! 

We don't really know if we have to go into many details on this... This Allison 1750 V12 was never designed to go into a tractor, however, that's exactly where this 3,000hp ProCharger supercharged behemoth is about to go.   The pulling tractor is known as  "Starlight Express 3" is the name of the tractor that will have this dual supercharged monster for motivation.   

AUSTRALIA -- 3 ProChargers, 2 Cars... 1 builder! 

No matter where you live, you might have caught a glimpse of some of the amazing work by Rides by Kam.  Owner Rob Zahabi has been cranking out hit after hit for the show scene all over the globe.   At SEMA one of them caught everyone's eye as it was in the Meguiar's booth, featuring TWIN ProCharger F-2's feeding a 572 cubic inch BBC.  With enough smooth black paint to make Darth Vader blush, this 1970 Nova is literally a show stopper.

Rides by KAM also finished another ProCharger supercharged machine, which goes by the name "Havoc."   This time it was something for the Dodge lovers to stop and stare at.  This drop dead stunning 1970 Challenger is not just a pretty face.  There is a 572 cubic inch HEMI under the hood being fed by a crank driven F-3 ProCharger head unit.   For more details on this ride, we urge you to check out this video below! 

UNITED KINGDOM -- From old to new, ProChargers for all! 

For over 40 years the group over at Topspeed Automotive have been making horsepower dreams come true.  Owner Bill MacDermid is well versed in everything from big block ProCharged muscle like this yellow Camaro, as it rips down Santa Pod Raceway, to everyday modern daily drivers.   

Both this Corvette C7 and this 6th generation Camaro feature Procharger supercharger systems, to make the absolute most of the drive over in Surrey. 

FINLAND -- 1,500+ HP Street Car! 

Kimmo Hovi might just have one of the baddest Nova's no matter what street or country you are talking about.  Honestly, he tells us it makes just a touch over 1,500 HP and has already run a best pass of 8.37 in the quarter.    

At the heart of this machine is a 540 cube BBC backed by a Powerglide transmission.  The supercharger of choice is a ProCharger F-3R-136 unit that we suspect might be making a "little" bit more than the 1,500 HP estimate talked about above.  Either way, it's wicked and we love it! 

MEXICO -- 1,000+ HP ProCharged Corvette and more!

The guys at Rojo Speed shop in Mexico have been turning out loads of amazing high horsepower streetcars for years.  Recently they have been making waves in both the Dodge HEMI market, but also in the LS / LT world on the General motors side of things.  Here is an example of a 1,000+ rwhp Corvette they recently finished, that sounds like music to our ears.  

CANADA - 882 HP GT-350 WITH P-1X!

From our friends to the north, we have one wickedly amazing Mustang GT-350 build.  This car built by Performance Plus of Canada is so simple, yet so darn powerful.   It just reminds of what a great time it is to be involved in motorsports.  Where you can take a Mustang like this off the showroom floor, add some exhaust, a ProCharger system, and a custom tune...and enjoy the nearly 900hp worth of fun on PUMP GAS!    

Ready to add some international boost to your car / truck / bike?

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