Wins and Records! That's how ProCharger racers start off 2020!

The racing season is now fully underway!

The start of the racing season always marks the time to shake down all the new combos, chassis, and jitters. But already ProCharger racers are reaping the rewards of this winter's efforts, with big numbers on the scoreboards. This blog is filled will many familiar names, though we are also excited about the huge group of new ProCharger racers joining us for the 2020 season. So let's put it in the beams, and kick this blog off right.  

Record and Class win at US Street Car Nationals!

Everyone loaded up and headed south to the sunshine state, to Bradenton Motorsports park, ready to put the first passes of the season on their machines. Our racing crew was on-site to check out all the new ProCharger ProMods make shakedown hits, as well as support our racers in all the other classes. So let's chat about some exciting notes from this wonderful race.  

Rob Goss Sets HEMI Record, and Wins X275! 
ProCharger F-3D-102 supercharger

Over the winter Rob and the guys at High Horse Performance got this car dialed in and ready to come out swinging.  And did they ever, by not only setting the Gen III HEMI record but also winning the X275 class.  This Challenger stands out in the crowd as power comes from a ProCharger F-3D-102 supercharger matted to that new generation HEMI.  From the entire ProCharger team, we want to congratulate Rob and his dedicated crew on their win.  

Johnny Camp sets personal best in a brand new car! 
ProCharger F-3X-140 supercharger

A load of new Pro Mods came out to this event as a chance to test their new ProCharger combos.  Everyone had a wonderful weekend, including Johnny Camp that drove his brand new car to a string of 3.60's and all the way into the Semifinal round. Power for this car comes from a ProCharger F-3X-140 supercharger and matching ProCharger CrankDrive, connected to his Pro Line HEMI.  Congrats to Johnny and his team from all of us in the office. 

Bryan Markiewicz sets centrifugal supercharger record! 
ProCharger F-3X-140 supercharger

They say a photo can be worth 1,000 words (give or take), however, this one is worth about 3.563. Since that is the number that placed Bryan and his time into the record books as the fastest man behind the wheel of a centrifugal powered race car. And thanks to the guys over at Pro Line Engines for making this wonderful image of this special pass. Bryan, congratulations from all of us here in the ProCharger superchargers office. 

Lights Out 11: 3 Class wins, 1 Runners Up, and 1 Record!

ProCharger racers went down to the biggest radial race event around.  Lights Out 11 at South Georgia Motorsports Park is THE PLACE to be when it comes to making a name for yourself on radial tires.  Thankfully ProCharger racers had amazing outings in every class that they entered, from RvW to 235 and everything in-between.  We don't know how many ProCharger racers were on the property, but we do know that 3 teams walked away with Class Wins, 1 was totally out-gunned and still wound up in the Runners-Up spot, and finally a Class Record as well.   So here are the details from this amazing event. 

Rob Goss Wins X275
ProCharger F-3D-102 supercharger

Two races in a row, the man from WY drives his supercharged HEMI into the winner's circle!  This event brings out the best of the best of this class, and just like we stated above, Rob and his team are 100% dedicated to making this car perform every single pass.  That dedication is what keeps putting this Challenger into the final rounds and the record books.  Again from all of us here in the office, congratulations Rob on your X275 win this weekend.  

Louie Filippides​ Wins Ultra-Street
ProCharger F-1A-91 supercharger

Louie is the driver behind the wheel of the Farks Supercars / American Racing Headers fifth generation Camaro.  This car is powered by an LSX under the hood and a ProCharger F-1A-91 supercharger.   For years and years, this car has held the Gen5 Camaro IRS record, although was recently swapped to a solid axle for the 2020 season.  The team behind this car is no stranger to doing what it takes to win, as their dedication to this car over the years has shown, and this weekend they proved it.   Congratulations, to the entire Farks / ARH team on this amazing class win in GA. 

Martin Connelley Wins Limited Street 235 
ProCharger D-1X supercharger

The Connelley racing team might just be one of the hardest working teams around, and this weekend it paid off big.  Not only with a Class Record, but also putting this orange small-block powered Ford Mustang into the victory circle.  Since this ProCharger D-1X hit the scenes, its been a force to be reckond with, but not by chance.  Again this team has spent hours and hours perfecting this small tire combo, to run in the 4 second zone in the 1/8th mile, and mid 7 seconds in the 1/4 mile trim.  From all of us in the ProCharger superchargers office we would like to say "Congratulations" to Marin Connelley, and the entire Connelley racing crew.  

Andy Manson takes Runners-up spot in LDR

In a field full of massive inch motors, big HEMI's and twin power adders...Andy Manson and his team showed them what a small block Ford packing ProCharger boost can do.  Making their way to the #5 qualifying position, to then clicking the "win" light on round after round. Andy drove the wheels of this supercharged Mustang where he fought a traction issue in the final round, but still walked away in the runners-up spot. All of us were cheering on this David vs Goliath battle all weekend, and wish Andy and his crew the very best in the rest of 2020. 

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