From Rendering to Supercharged Dream, in a WEEK!

The guru's over at do a little thing they like to call "Week to Wicked" where they take something we all want to do.  IE: they take something like a Mustang (or in this case a Camaro) and spend 5 days going from basically stock, to all-out ROCK!  The best part is that we all get to follow along, as they post about it on social media and their website.  

In this "episode", they took a 1969 Camaro from concept to supercharged reality.  In this blog, we will give you links to enjoy loads of info on this amazing build, while we highlight some images from the supercharged LS mill they chose to put between the frame rails.  

The details on the 906 hp ProCharged LS engine:

The groundwork was simple, take a Dart Block, punch it out to 427 cubes, add a touch of ProCharger boost, and enjoy!  Sounds simple right?  Well, we all know building a good engine, comes with experience.  Thankfully enlisted the help from L&R Engines from Santa Fe Springs, CA.  This family-run business has been around since 1977, and might just know a thing or two about making HP.   Final tuning to the ECU was done by CPR in Gardena CA. 

If you want the juicy details on everything from the parts being used in this engine, to the specs on the ring gaps used.  Keep reading, and we will provide you with the links to all the specs on this engine! 

On the dyno, this low boost mill was put to the test with both pump gas and 100 octane. The numbers came in at 737 HP on pump gas, and 906 HP while drinking that 100 octane. One can only imagine what it would have made on E85 that's become so common in many states here in the US.  Again, for non-intercooled boost, these numbers are more than respectable.  All we know is that we want to drive the wheels off this car and chances are you would as well.   

Want to find out more information on this amazing build? 

All you got to do is visit or click on the following links below. 

Building the ProCharged LS Engine
Day 1 Wrap Up
Day 2 Wrap Up
Day 3 Wrap Up
Day 4 Wrap Up
Day 5 Wrap Up

For even more in-depth coverage on this build from the paint, to the gauges, wiring, transmission etc. 
All you gotta do is click HERE. 

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