ProCharger is the Undisputed Leader in "SS" Performance


2014-17 SS sedan model years NOW SHIPPING!  

Although it was disappointing to hear that GM had ended production of this amazing platform, ProCharger superchargers is pleased to announce that we have the entire SS production run covered.  We fully expect owners of these cars to enjoy them for decades to come, as they build supercharged four door monsters to play with.  With standard systems, power gains start at 50% at just 8psi of boost! 

Bolt-On/Fully Reversible Fitment with Proven Durability!

For years now, customers have been enjoying ProCharger's bolt-on supercharger systems with full color instructions and hand held tuning. These features have ensured that DIY customers have an enjoyable experience in the garage.  Pull the car into the garage, bust out some common hand tools, and 8-10 hours later you have a 650+ HP turn key monster on your hands! 

With (11) highly different headunits to choose from, including the brand new high efficency P-1X and D-1X models, ProCharger can accomodate any power goals you may have.  With no moving parts in the highly effective air-to-air intercooler system to fail, and the robust 8 rib dedicated belt drive system, these systems ensure you will enjoy hassle-free HP for years to come.  

But even if something beyond a daily driver is in your sights, nobody wants to waste time fabricating and welding, even if they are shooting to set some records.  These systems feature a dedicated bracket system with fitments that include the record holding F-1A-94 headunit!

Record Setting Performance Results!

When people think about fast SS sedans, they think about the car known as "The Cookie Monster."  This car holds the long standing SBE (stock bottom end) and stock transmission record, and has for a while (9.70@140).  Owner Mitch Kramer  from 1320wheels has been tearing up tracks all over the place in this stunning D-1SC ProCharger powered machine.  Technically this car is what the Internet describes as "cam only" since the rest of the car remains stock other than the camshaft and supercharger system. Congrats on your record, Mitch, from all of us here in the office. 

Another outstanding performance from an SS sedan is from Michael Sylvester and his 900+ rwhp machine thats been as quick as 9.47@145!!!  This car does have a bit more work done to the engine, as Michael has set his sights on being the first SS in the 8-second zone!  Mike and the guys at Asylum Motorsports have done a heck of a job with this amazing F-1C supercharged machine and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this wicked four door! 

Want to put more "Super" into your SS with a Supercharger? 

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