Stage 2 Ram ProCharger Systems hit the STREETS!

Want to haul...The family, Some cargo, but still hit the track? 

If all three of those items above seem like something you want to do in your Ram truck, this is the blog for you.  We know that owning a truck is part of everyday life for many, yet we all still have the need for MORE POWER.  

Here at ProCharger, we have proudly provided the industry's most powerful/trusted supercharger systems for your Dodge Ram HEMI truck for years!  Ram 1500 owner's have used our HO systems to create fleets of powerful HEMI's across the US and even worldwide.  But this blog isn't about our HO system, it's about our Stage 2 systems that are now shipping!

Great power / Proven reliability / Room to expand: 

These new Stage 2 systems offer the same great power gains you would expect from our standard HO systems;  however, we have added a dedicated drive belt system from the crank to the supercharger head unit.  What does that mean to you the end customer?  Well, if you are wanting a supercharger that you can disable with something as simple as removing a belt this is your option.  Or if you are building your motor, adding a camshaft and pushing the power levels up on your HEMI engine, this system will ensure you rock solid reliability up to and beyond 4 digit power numbers.  

This truck's dedicated belt drive and tensioner system are the same 8-rib design that is found on ProCharger's Stage II kits for Challengers, and the same 8-rib design which currently holds Corvette records into the 8-second zone and the fastest Gen6 Camaro on the planet.  We know this is a blog about RAM's, but hearing about record-setting performance and reliability is never a bad thing.  So let's break into how a guy can bolt on up to 160 more HP and beyond in a Saturday afternoon (on 7psi and pump gas).  

STG 2 Intercooled System
Bolt on up to or more than 160+ HP (at 7psi on pump gas) 
P-1SC-1 ProCharger supercharger head unit (expandable to F-1X) 
3 year extended warranty available
Self-contained oiling design (requires no external oil lines)
Easiest and quickest installation
Fuel injectors and handheld programmer (2015+ model years require PCM unlock)
Highly effective 3 core air-to-air intercooler
Available helical gear set for supercharger noise reduction
System are 100% complete with OEM quality and appearance

STG 2 Intercooled Tuner Kit
Omits programmer and fuel injectors
Otherwise identical to HO Intercooled system

If your truck is OEM stock or has a cat back exhaust system, we have complete systems ready for you (including tuning).  If you have modifications and are looking to make the best power possible, please contact our sales line to see what head unit is best suited for your power goals/needs. 

Want to see it in Action:
(customers recent install on youtube)


Garret M. better known on youtube as "Cleetus McFarland" and his goofy automotive related videos is NO stranger to ProCharger power.  His personal C7 Corvette makes over 750 rwhp with a ProCharger F-1A head unit.  Garret has been bitten by the ProCharger supercharger bug so hard, he HAD to boost to his RAM!  Check out the video below, and enjoy all the amazing sounds a supercharged RAM can make. 


And while we're talking about supercharged Rams:  

Coming Soon - a new ProCharger system for Ram 2500 6.4L HEMI Owners!


Want to supercharge your RAM's performance? 

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